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5 Strong Arguments for Using Enamel Band Pins to Promote Your Music

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Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Advertise with Enamel Band Pins

Enamel band pins will get people talking about your music, whether you play in your garage or on a stage. Click here to find out how else they can help you. Did you know that the music industry is expected to be worth $26 billion by 2021? It is no surprise that so many people want to work in this industry because of its magnitude. However, with such high rewards comes a lot of competition in the world of music.

Artists everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to gain exposure and advance their careers in music. Although there are numerous ways to promote music, today's artists must be innovative. Fortunately, if you've been looking for some ideas, you've come to the right place. Continue reading to find out why making band pins is a great way to promote your music.

1. Band Pins Can Provide Exposure

It is no longer enough to create good music; you must also develop your brand to be recognized. Because music enamel pins are such a cool item, your fans will be excited to wear them, resulting in a lot of exposure for your band.

Your fans can display your pins on their backpacks, jackets, hats, and other items, allowing their friends and family to see your band's name. Pins are often very eye-catching, so anyone who sees them will be curious about the design and will most likely look up your music! As a result, creating a well-designed collection of pins can be an excellent strategy for turning your current fans into walking advertisements for your band. Here is our soft enamel.

The more people who wear your pins, the more people will hear about your band. So, you can give them away for free at shows to reward your most devoted fans and include them in band giveaways to reach as many people as possible!

2. Band Pins Can Be Sold As Merch

You can design the pins as part of your merchandise line and sell them to your fans in addition to giving them away for free. Creating and selling branded merchandise is a strategy that has assisted many musicians around the world in making money with their brands.

Although numerous items can be created for this strategy, pins make excellent merch because they are inexpensive to buy in bulk and ship to fans all over the world. Because they are such a small item, it is simple to transport hundreds of them from show to show. You can sell your band pins in your website's online shop, or take them to gigs and sell them directly to your fans.

3. Band Pins Can Be Fully Customized

Whatever type of artist you are, enamel pins are an excellent way to promote your music. Even if you are a solo artist who is not part of a band or group, pins can help you take your music promotion to the next level. There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to enamel pins; because they are fully customizable, you can create any design to bring your brand to life.

There are numerous ways to customize your pins to match the aesthetic of your brand; some examples include:

Making your design

Using the logo of your band or artist

Designing something based on one of your lyrics/songs

Designing a layout using your album cover as inspiration

Having an artist create something for you

Furthermore, bringing your custom designs to life is a breeze. MetalPromo can make your custom pin idea a reality in just a few steps!

4. Band pins are valuable collectibles

Pin collecting is thought to have begun in Athens, Greece, in 1896! Lapel pins have been a popular collector's item ever since. Many collectors today hunt for old rock band pins. But many people adore collecting pins created by contemporary artists.

Pins are an excellent addition to your branding strategy because they are collectible. Because there is always a chance that your music will go viral and become extremely popular, people will adore getting your band pins. Limited-edition pins are a favorite of some artists because they might one day be more valuable to collectors.

5. Band Pins Have Multiple Uses

Lapel pins are a flexible item because they can be worn by anyone and everyone to support your band. Enamel pins, as opposed to t-shirts and other merch, are something that anyone, anywhere can enjoy, regardless of age, gender, aesthetic, etc.

Despite being delicate items, their versatility makes them an effective marketing tool. Band t-shirts, hats, backpacks, hoodies, etc. are not for everyone. But a pin can make anything into a promotional tool for your company.

Pins are a versatile item because you can create as many different designs as you like, and they will never get old. Pins are a merch item that you can design for every album and song you release due to the collectability factor.

Create the Enamel Pins for Your Band Today!

Band pins are a great way to promote your band and your music, as you now know. You can sell them, give them away as giveaway prizes, or give them to your most devoted supporters! The best part is that music pins can give you a lot of exposure and are highly customizable, adaptable, collectible, and simple to sell.

So why not start creating some pins to advance your musical career? Contact us right away!


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