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Are Enamel Pins Magnetic?

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Is it true that enamel pins are magnetic? The fact is that enamel pins can be fastened with either a magnetic clasp or a regular clasp. Of course, each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Traditional clasp-backed lapel pins look wonderful. These will readily compliment any outfit and accessories, including the most daring fashion pieces. Screw & Nut Stick Pins, Safety Pins, and Butterfly Catch are examples of traditional clasp types. 

Hard Enamel Pizza Metal Pin

Traditional clasp-backed lapel pins:

1. Glue Pins

A stickpin is made up of a long, thin needle with a collar that is capped with certain ornaments. Sliding a collar up and down the needle secures or releases the pin.

2. Security Pins

Safety pins are frequently referred to as safety clutches. The pin in these designs has a needle pushed through the jacket, which is then hooked or clasped to keep the pin in place.

3. Butterfly Clutch

The butterfly catch clasp design involves inserting the needle into the fabric and securing it with a butterfly clutch. Simply squeeze and pull the butterfly clutch away from the prong to release the pin. The rear side of the Butterfly clutch is the most commonly used method for attaching a lapel pin. It is also referred to as the military clutch. These clutches might be made of metal, plastic, or rubber.

4. Screw and Nut

The Claps feature a threaded prong that is inserted into the jacket buttonhole or fabric and then secured with a nut on the rear end.

5. Jewelry Case

This is also known as a tie tack. When the clutch covers the prong and locks into place, the pin is secure. The design is simple but attractive.

Traditional pin-design clasps are attractive and appropriate for any outfit or accessory. Their greatest advantage is their size. These pins are so light that you won't even notice them until you remove your jacket or shirt and realize you put them on earlier.

However, with all of that needle sticking and pressing, certain materials are likely to be left with a little hole. That is the most significant disadvantage of lapels with traditional clasp backing. Lightweight fabrics, silk, satins, and other fine and sheer materials, for example, do not work well with typical lapel pins. Damage will be obvious where the postback pin is fastened. Click here for our Soft Enamel products.

It's usually a good idea to test out traditional pins in an inconspicuous location before wearing them to check if the pin that's supposed to demonstrate your pride and solidarity in a cause is kinder and softer on your favorite jacket or shirt. And, of course, there is always the magnetic clasp option.

The magnetic clasp alternative is a simple yet effective pin clasp style that can also be attractive. Magnets are utilized here to fasten the pin to the jacket's lapel without the need for needles to be pushed into the cloth as in typical pin clasps.

Two magnets are employed. One is a stud that secures the pin to the jacket lapel, and that's all there is to it. Isn't that simple? Magnetic pins are quite useful. They allow you to express your patriotism or affiliation with a cause without having to sacrifice your favorite jacket or fabric. Pins can also be used to highlight a piece of clothing. They can also demonstrate a sense of belonging, designation, or accomplishment.

However, unlike the lightweight traditional pin clasps, double magnetic pins can be a bit heavier, and you will feel the weight. Still, this pin-clasp form is ideal for thick denim and leather coats.

If your fabric is lighter, you can also use single magnetic pins. These wonderful lightweight designs are ideal for delicate fabrics such as silk, cotton, and sheer textiles.

Custom Magnetic Enamel Pins

Do you need some custom magnetic enamel pins? Begin today with our one-of-a-kind designs. Magnetic backing allows you to fasten everything from awareness ribbons to advertising buttons and American flags without having to damage your cherished apparel. If you want a more traditional look, we can also add a magnetic backing to these. You have an option.

1. Have some fun with the design

Who said pins could only be one dimension? Simply tell us what you want and be a little fancy because we can make it happen. For example, pin-on-pin design rivets one pin on top of another to produce a 3D appearance. For added pleasure, we can include some cool components such as miniature toy animals.

2. Enjoy your favorite sport

Wear a sports pin to show everyone whatever athletic and sporting activities are important in your life for the love of the game. Football, baseball, basketball, swimming, and other sports can be represented with custom pins, which can be personalized to suit your team's enthusiasm and personality. These pins can be used to rally supporters around the team.

3. Engage in social activities

Pins can be used to promote your political cause. Simply pin the badges to your jacket or shirt and strike up a discussion. You can also acquire pins for your sexuality to commemorate the achievements we've made, such as a rainbow flag design for use at LGBTQIA events.

We can make whatever you have in mind a reality. Magnetic lapel pins are available in a wide range of themes, designs, and materials. Custom pins have a distinct benefit over other pin designs, especially if they include a magnetic backing, which is brilliant.

Custom magnetic pins can also make an excellent gift for friends, family, or coworkers. If you want to get started with bespoke magnetic pins, contact us today to discover what we can do for you.

We can affix a magnetic backing to any Hard Enamel, Photo Dome, Die Struck, or Diecast pin for a practical fastening solution that does not require you to penetrate your favorite jacket or shirt. Get a free quote on your unique magnetic pin today.


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