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Are You Wearing Lapel Pins Correctly?

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The royals aren't the only ones who have adopted quirky lapel pins as a fashion accent. Suit lapel pins are sometimes used as fashion accessories by men.

Lapel pins are little pins that are worn on clothing, most commonly on the lapel of a suit or jacket. Originally, these pins were worn to show membership in a club or organisation. However, they have recently become a fashion mainstay. Continue reading to learn about the many sorts of pins and how to dress them! Lapel pins vary in terms of fastening, size, form, and image. Let's go over a few of them.

Boutonnieres and Flower Lapel Pins

If you've ever gone to prom, you've probably worn a boutonniere. This pin is ideal for formal occasions such as weddings, parties, and, of course, prom! The buttonhole is the ideal location for a boutonniere. While you should make a statement, it should not be too large and dominating. Floral pins, on the other hand, are similar to boutonnieres but are made of linen, cotton, or silk.

Lapel Pins & Jewelry

Jewelry lapel pins are becoming more popular on the red carpet these days. These pins are available in a variety of exotic shapes including as feathers, leaves, flowers, antiques, animals, and so on. And, boy, do they look great in a suit or tuxedo.

Brooches and Lapel Pins

Brooches, unlike jewelry or flower lapel pins, are held in place by a hinged pin. They are often larger than pins and have an antique feel to them. Have you seen the brooch lapel pins with beads, gems, bling, and adorable miniature bow ties? They are gorgeous and distinctive.

How to Wear Lapel Pins Correctly

Lapel pins for men's suits come in a variety of artistic styles. The actual issue is putting them on correctly. So, how do you go about doing it?

A suit lapel pin should be worn around the lapel buttonhole. That is the top of your left lapel. The pin must always be on the left side of a double-breasted suit with buttonholes on each lapel.

If the metal pin is visible, it should be positioned parallel to the lapel rather than diagonally or vertically. This is especially true for longer stems, where an odd angle might ruin the look. You can also play about with stacking, sides, and placement to achieve the desired aesthetic. After all, lapel pins are adaptable accessories that you know what you want.

Other things to think about are:

Occasion Type

Is it a formal or informal gathering? The type of lapel pin you wear with your suit is usually determined by the occasion. A bold flower lapel pin may be appropriate for a social gathering, but not necessarily for a business meeting, you get the idea?

Coordination of Colors

Your suit already has a color code, or a color theme. As a result, your lapel pin should match or enhance your overall color scheme.


The size of the pin is frequently determined by the cloth you are wearing. A huge pin may dangle uncomfortably from your lapel. A little pin, on the other hand, could resemble one of the buttons. The appropriate size results in the right appeal.

Accessory Matching

If you wear silver suit lapel pins with gold hand and neck accessories, you may give off an odd vibe. While a jewelry specialist may effortlessly mix and match different accessories, it is preferable to wear silver on silver.

Lapel pins, particularly personalized lapel pins, work well for a casual style and look wonderful on a blazer, whether worn individually or in a group. They're an amazing method to bring style to a wardrobe basic when styled as such.

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