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Custom Pin Materials

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Metal Badges Hard Enamel Pins

Custom pins are one of the more unusual methods for businesses to connect with their customers. Pins, unlike many promotional goods, are portable and inexpensive, making them a more cost-effective employee and customer present.

Pins are also more trendy and less noticeable. When your staff or customers wear them, they will not appear to be advertising, and from a style and aesthetic standpoint, these pins may be customized in an infinite number of ways.

There are numerous materials (soft or hard), finishes, sizes, and pin backing options. You can also choose from a variety of colors and packaging options.

That being stated, if you want to have a pin produced, you should be aware of the various pin materials and the best designs for each one. Let's get started...

Brass and copper

Copper and brass are popular base metals for producing personalized pins due to their ability to highlight little details. We can articulate the details on 3D pins and other gorgeous bespoke pin designs with a copper base.

Furthermore, bespoke pins made of copper and brass are smooth and of the greatest quality. Copper and brass pin designs that are popular include:

Cloisonne and hard enamel pins

These pins are all of the same style. The hard enamel, on the other hand, is an upgraded form of a cloisonné pin. Cloisonné pin designs are designated for fancy-looking pins and pins with unique effects and are not utilized for any other form of lapel pin. Click here for hard enamel pins.

Do you require uniform or logo pins? Cloisonne and strong enamel will be ideal.

Photo Etching

This photo-etched design achieves the perfect blend of jewelry-like looks and quality. To manufacture photo-etched pins, the pin design is engraved on the base metal using an acid using a photo of your design.

The etching creates a 3D textured finish that resembles enamel pins while remaining elegant. In resins, blinkers, and sliders, they can also be brightly colored with smooth finishes. The result is a lovely pin that complements any personal style. Because these pins are affordable, they are great for businesses that want a fashionable pin without breaking the budget.

Alloy made of zinc

bespoke coins and medals are more commonly used than bespoke pins. Zinc Alloy, on the other hand, is the greatest foundation material for die-cast pins. This is because zinc alloy is strong, resilient, and lightweight.

Zinc has a low boiling point and may be melted and reused for other pins, which is one of its main advantages.

Zinc alloys are formed by combining zinc with other metals. Aluminum, lead, titanium, cadmium, copper, and other common metals are examples. Zinc alloy can also be used to make unique die-cast pins and other goods.

Pins Made of Die-Cast

This pin design is created utilizing molds and the casting technique, as the name suggests. The first several molds of the design are manufactured to make die-cast pins. The mold is then filled with molten zinc alloy and allowed to dry.

Although the die-cast design is ideal for large orders due to its low production cost, it is not always the best option. This method does not always produce pins with exquisite features.


Hiking staff medallions or dog tags are suitable for aluminum. Aluminum is frequently combined with zinc to make a zinc alloy for bespoke pins. The resulting zinc-aluminum alloy is strong, light, tarnish, and corrosion-resistant.

Certain bespoke pin designs necessitate the use of a zinc-aluminum alloy for the best performance. A medallion is an excellent example of a bespoke pin.

The same as with zinc alloy, the process of making pins from aluminum is the die-cast method. All that is required is a mold and melted metal alloy.

Medallions for hiking

Hiking medallions are frequently made of aluminum or metal. These medallions feature insignia representing preservation, an outdoor cause, or an associated group. They are frequently seen fastened to the head of a hiking or walking stick.

Bronze and stainless steel

Some of the most popular materials for producing bespoke pins include stainless steel and bronze. Stainless steel has a mirror-like polish. It is not, however, applicable to all pin designs. Bronze is not as gleaming as stainless steel, but both are suitable for bespoke pins.

Stainless steel is typically utilized as a raw material for bespoke pins only after factors such as strength and temperature have been considered.

Picture-etched pins, printed pins, custom die-struck pins, and picture dome pins are made with these materials. If you're unsure about the material to use, keep in mind that bronze pins are less expensive than stainless steel pins.

Pins Dying Struck

A die-struck pin is a way to go for something classic and creative. The pin design is hit on the selected metal, pressing certain metal locations to form the edges.

There is no other color that detracts from the die-struck pin pattern. A striking design is dependent on the brilliance, shadows, and indentations of the metal. What you get is a gorgeous pin that doesn't need colors to stand out.

The unique aspect of this pin type is that you may choose from a variety of metals, including gold. This results in a long-lasting pin that is both timeless and elegant.

Printing Digitally

If you've always wanted to make a photograph into a wearable pin, the digital print approach is the way to go. This method transfers your computer image to metal.

After that, an epoxy coat is applied to cover, protect, and add luster. If you require a pin with intricate graphics and multiple colors, digital print is an excellent option!

That's all there is to it! These are some of the best bespoke pin materials and designs. Badges-Pins' production team will assist you in finalizing your custom pin designs, whether you have a polished or preliminary design idea.


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