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Do You Understand How Custom PVC Keychains Are Made?

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Die Cast Metal Keychain

Custom PVC keychains are an innovative and appealing promotional product. Custom soft PVC keychains assist you in growing your business by utilizing low-cost advertising. Custom PVC keychains are made by manufacturers using soft water-repellent rubber. They are also difficult to tear or damage, and they look and feel great. These long-lasting custom-made keychains are both convenient and economical. So the big question is how to make personalized PVC keychains. Let us examine the steps of both customers and manufacturers to better understand the manufacturing process.

1. What do the customers do?

Many manufacturers allow their customers to create custom-made keychains based on their specifications and preferences. To create custom PVC keychains, they can choose the size, design, colors, background, and patterns. When making custom soft PVC keychains, they must follow a specific procedure. Let's take a closer look.

To begin, choose any shape or layout for your custom PVC keychains to determine the size by providing dimensions. Users can create custom soft PVC keychains in any shape or form, from round, square, or triangle to something unique and special.

Then, place your designed logo on the keychain's back or front. You can put it anywhere you want. It can include company information, slogans, text, images, and so on. The logo on the front is usually made of rubber, and the back can be one of the three options listed below.

You can leave the back of your custom-made keychains blank, with no text or logos. It is the most cost-effective option for any customer.

If you want to provide information about your company, you can print the company name, phone number, email address, or website on the back of your custom soft PVC keychains.

You can inject rubber on both sides: front and back. It will cost you a lot of money, but it will give you the best look and feel. If you want to impress your recipients, this is the option for you.

You can also choose your colors, except gradient colors, as custom PVC keychains are only available in solid colors. We recommend that you limit yourself to seven colors because more colors will raise your production costs and fewer colors will lower them.

You can send your final design to a manufacturer after adjusting the logos and selecting the ideal layout for your custom soft PVC keychain. Your file should be in the format that is supported. Many manufacturers discuss the format required for approval. You can create your designs in Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, or PDF format. Some manufacturers will also assist you with the design process; you can contact them for assistance.

Manufacturers will also make changes to your design with your permission and send you a sample. If necessary, you can request changes after receiving the sample. When you approve the final design, manufacturers will begin the production of custom PVC keychains. Without your sample approval, no manufacturer will produce the product.

2. What we do

Many people use custom PVC keychains as a type of decoration for keys or bags. The personalized soft PVC keychain is made of eco-friendly soft rubber PVC. These custom-made keychains are useful for connecting scattered keys and preventing key loss. It is constructed of PVC soft rubber and aluminum split rings. Manufacturers follow the production process outlined below. Let's go over the steps listed below. Click here for Free Design Logo 2D /3D Key Chain Soft Enamel Die Cast Metal Keychain.

2.1 Style

Customers research the designs available from suppliers or manufacturers before placing an order. If clients or customers have specific requirements, manufacturers take note of them or provide relevant design patterns. They also offer design services. You must convey precise specifications for the design of your artwork so that manufacturers or suppliers can complete your artwork on time. After customers approve the sample provided by manufacturers, the manufacturing process begins.

2.2 Initial assembly and molding

Factories create or use molds based on artwork approved by the customer. Mold-making is the process of developing and creating molds, which includes design and production. Molds for custom keychains, PVC keychains, and soft PVC keychains are typically made of copper or aluminum. They are carved by machine or by hand. After carving, the molds are abrasively blasted and electroplated to ensure fluency, smooth texture, and purity. It prevents wrinkles, impurities, and unwanted bubbles from forming during the keychain manufacturing process.

2.3 Coloration

The raw materials for custom soft PVC keychains are initially half-transparent. As a result, you must mix the pigments to match the colors approved by the customers. The purification of rubber glue then begins to remove impurities or unwanted bubbles.

2.4 Set up the production line

There is a supervisor who carefully examines the entire production process. The supervisor ensures that large-scale custom PVC keychain production adheres to the samples confirmed by customers. They scrutinize every detail. Everything, from the coloring position to the design pattern, should be perfect with no differences. The inspection's goal is to prevent large quantities of defective products from being produced. Complex designs and patterns necessitate advanced skills. No business would want their products to have flaws. As a result, they take extra precautions by hiring a supervisor to prevent the production of defective products.

2.5 Production

Custom PVC keychains, custom soft PVC keychains, and custom-made keychains are created in this step with the client's specifications in mind.

2.6 Assembling and packaging

After the manufacturing process is completed and all soft rubber parts are ready, suppliers and manufacturers begin assembling the custom PVC keychains and packaging them according to orders. Metal rings are used to assemble custom soft PVC keychains. All workers double-check the product's quality before placing custom-made keychains in a polybag or customized packaging. Visit Badges-Pins' website to order high-quality custom PVC keychains. We have the best selection of personalized soft PVC keychains.


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