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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Enamel Colored Coins

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1. Why Would Someone Purchase Enamel Colored Coins?

Color is extremely important. The use of bright enamel on custom-minted coins works wonders. Custom-designed colored coins are your best go-to option if you want your logo coins to be eye-catching, your festival to have some decent giveaways, honor a deserving warrior or present a memorable souvenir to your distinguished guests.

The enormous popularity that colorful coins have enjoyed for quite some time now only continues to grow. Professional coin makers have a "gold standard" for decorating custom pieces with dazzling paints. They use hard and soft enamel colors for this purpose. As recognized coinage experts, we are well-versed in colored coins. Our group would like to share our expertise on colored coins. When it comes to minting your pieces, it will make it easier for you to choose between soft and hard enamel coins.

2. Hard versus soft enamel coins. Which Version Should You Choose?

We understand better than anyone that you want magnificent colored coins that exceed your expectations. To make them exactly like that, we need to know how you envision them and what you expect them to look like. Do you want them to have a polished, matte, or textured surface? Do your pieces' designs include a lot of small details? What and how many different colors do you want to include in your coin design? Is it your goal to have a three-dimensional, sculpted appearance?

The answers to these and other questions will enable us to recommend the type of colored enamel that will best aid us in the implementation of your coin project. Let us pull back the curtain to show you what colored coins with hard and soft enamel fillings have in common and what distinguishes them.

3. Use of Primary Metals to Create Exquisite Colored Coins

When it comes to selecting the base metal for coin production, we always take extreme caution. After all, this fateful decision has an additional impact on the quality of mintage and, as a result, the appearance of the finished product. Most of the time, we prefer metals like bronze or brass. Since ancient times, they have had an excellent reputation and have been the first choice for coinage. However, if your project requires custom enamel coins made from other metal alloys, we welcome your inquiries. We use the same metals and metal alloys in the production of both hard enamel and soft enamel-colored coins. There are no significant differences in this regard. If you are interested in the details of custom coin production, you can learn how a coin is minted. Related product: Cheap 3d Metal Coins Collection Metal Antique Coin.

4. The Look and Feel of Your Colored Coins: Glossy Relief or Filled to Evenness?

The difference between soft enamel coins and hard enamel coins is now the most interesting part. The most obvious distinction is a) how they appear and b) how they feel when touched.

4.1 First, let's look at the soft enameled medals:

Soft enamel coins have a distinct relief of your coin design stamped into the metal. Soft enamel colors are applied to the recessed areas, taking into consideration their shape and depth. Soft enamel color highlights on embossed coins emphasize the various raised and recessed areas because both metal and soft enamel colors capture and reflect light, giving them a lively appearance.

Running your finger lightly over the surface of your custom-made coins with soft enamel highlights gives you the full experience. You can feel their relief and tell the difference between enamel-colored recessed areas and metallic raised areas. Aside from their appearance, nothing about "soft enamel colors" is soft. The paint hardens, making your colored coins resistant to all types of impacts.

4.2 Now, let's look at the hard enamel coin specifications:

Hard enamel coins have a smooth surface. Because the recessed areas are filled with enamel and polished on the same level as the rest of the surface, you can't see the relief of your stamped design. Because the colors are flush with the raised metal, hard enamel coins appear bulkier while remaining perfectly smooth; when you touch our superb hard enamel-colored coins, you will feel a pleasant smoothness, similar to running your finger over a mirror.

5. Aside from relief and touch, are there any other distinctions between hard and soft enamel coins?

There are some differences between using hard enamel and soft enamel when producing colored coins with enamel. Although the initial stages of production are the same, the nuances occur during the enamel application process. Colored enamel is applied to the recessed areas of the coin in both cases before it is baked in an oven to solidify and make it durable. The enamel adheres to the recessed areas and stops below the metal contours of the raised areas in soft enamel, whereas hard enamel requires multiple layers of paint to fill in the recessed parts with the correct color shade. Both versions are resistant to external impacts and are polished for a smooth finish. It's always best to discuss your design ideas with our designer's team to align the enamel process with your specific needs to ensure the best outcome for your set of colored coins.

It's time to get your colored coins! We've outlined it for you, and you've read it: The production, appearance, and feel of hard enamel coins and soft enamel coins differ. This is a proven fact. Nobody will tell you that one type is better than the other. Each has its distinct flavor, and only your vision for your coin project will determine which type of colored enamel you should use. We will then transform them into extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, high-quality works of art.


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