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Have A Party? Create Your Coins!

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Commemorative 3D Gold Plated Metal Antiqu Challenge Coin Antique

Custom-made commemorative coins made of precious metals add a sophisticated touch to any occasion. Fine-quality custom coins with personalized designs Whether your company is commemorating an anniversary, the dedication of its employees, the loyalty of its customers, or the launch of a significant product, creating custom coins is an excellent way to mark significant events and capture the attention of various stakeholders. Commemorative coins made to order are made of high-quality materials and can feature logos, brand colors, key images, and text elements. Today on the blog, Badges-Pins looks at some of the occasions that businesses recognize with custom coins.

1. Custom Coins to Mark Anniversaries

When it comes to commemorating an important anniversary with custom coins, the sky is the limit. NASA has taken this to heart, sending two commemorative coins into space to mark the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Custom coins were carried into space by the functional astronauts. They delivered commemorative coins made specifically for the International Space Station. The customs coins then flew around our planet for 28 days before being returned to Earth. The curved shape of the astronaut's helmet is depicted on the front side of the custom coins. The back side depicts the astronaut's footprint on the moon's surface. Officials have stated that they hope to create custom coins to commemorate the landing on Mars in the future. The personalized coins will serve as a reminder of the hard work and sacrifices that have propelled humanity into uncharted territory. We at Badges-Pins hope to be able to contribute to the creation of custom-made commemorative coins commemorating the first Mars landing!

2. Creating Custom Coins to Honor Colleagues

Successful organizations understand the importance of rewarding and honoring valued colleagues on time. Creating precious metal custom coins to present to employees is an excellent way to demonstrate how much they are valued. Custom-made commemorative coins can be created for a variety of purposes, such as honoring people with many years of experience or retiring colleagues. Because custom coins are easily customizable, you can create special coins to honor different people, teams, or events.

The producers of the well-known and critically acclaimed musical decided to reward the cast with personalized coins. Custom-made commemorative coins with busts of the actors starring in the production were struck on both sides of the solid metal. Coins with lines from the musical's songs were placed around the perimeter of the custom: "Death makes no distinction between sinners and saints" on one side, and "History erases all the pictures it paints of me and my mistake" on the other. Lobed notches adorned the border of the customs coins. The custom coins were finished in antique brass and silver.

3. Give Custom-Made Coins to Customers

Client satisfaction contributes to a company's growth and success. As a result, rewarding your customers with custom coins is a wise and long-term decision. That's exactly what McDonald's did, designing commemorative coins that customers could exchange for a Big Mac in their restaurants. In this way, it chose to honor a beloved dish and loyal customers. The "McCain," a brass-plated custom coin, was released in five collectible versions. The custom coins were a big hit with the famous restaurant's regulars.

4. Using Custom Coins to Commemorate a Product Launch

A new product or service announcement is an exciting time for any company. To commemorate the launch of a new car model, the renowned Corvette car construction company has ordered special custom coins. The commemorative coin design is dedicated to the new Corvette and its rich history dating back to the first model, which hit the streets in 1953.

The brand's symbol, crossed flags, appears on the front of the customs coins. The back side features the face of the company's first chief engineer, Zora Arkus-Duntov, as well as the original Corvette signature. The custom coins come in a variety of colors and are made of double-sided stamped brass with a matte silver finish and enamel coloring. The commemorative coins are not only a celebration of the 200th model but also a reminder of Corvette's illustrious history. Click here for Commemorative 3D Gold Plated Metal Antiqu Challenge Coin.

5. What exactly are custom challenge coins?

One of the most common ways to honor those who serve with distinction in the military is to present them with custom challenge coins. Armed forces personnel devote their lives to the service and protection of civilians. Individuals carrying out such a critical and difficult mission deserve the best awards—custom challenge coins. They are valuable to the military because they pay tribute to their heroism and endurance while also attesting to the ordeal they endured. Custom challenge coins are also distributed to emphasize the significance of affiliation with a specific armed forces unit.

Badges-Pins is a certified challenge coin manufacturer with extensive experience. We provide a variety of materials for the creation of your custom challenge coins. Our qualified coin designers approach each project on an individual basis.

6. Custom Challenge Coins: Their History and Popularity

There are various accounts of how the first custom challenge coins were created. What is certain is that it was not done by a professional challenge coin maker. During World War I, an officer allegedly had bronze coins stamped for every member of his squadron. According to the story, these customary challenge coins were used as a salutary insignia when one of the squadron members was hit behind enemy lines. The medals' emblems aided him in crossing into friendly territory.

Custom challenge coins are still minted today to commemorate the camaraderie and pride of belonging to the armed forces. Aside from that, the myth claims the coin saved a man's life, making the practice of carrying a unit coin all the more meaningful. As a challenge coin maker, we now mint custom challenge coins in a variety of materials, including gold and silver, to carry on this illustrious tradition. These are frequently given not only to members of the army, navy, or Marines but also to police officers and firefighters in recognition of their bravery and devotion to duty. Custom commemorative challenge coins are regarded as exceptional recognition with immeasurable value.

7. Design Features of Custom Coins for Armed Forces

When a challenge coin maker is custom-designing challenge coins, there is no limit to one's imagination. There are numerous shapes and sizes to choose from. We are also happy to mint a sample coin to test the durability of a specific layout. The main purpose of custom challenge coins, aside from looking great, is to pay tribute to distinguished officers and indicate their daily business. Thus, to be useful to the military, they must include the following elements:

A military service unit emblem; a unit motto; and the name or number of the squadron or unit

To create custom challenge coins, Badges-Pins' mint only uses the finest materials.

The challenge coin maker frequently employs 24K gold. The design is minted in 999 silver, bronze, or brass as the base metal. These precious materials contribute to the custom challenge coins having both symbolic and material value.

8. Badges-Pins Custom Challenge Coins

We are a licensed challenge coin manufacturer. Badges-Pins employs talented coin designers who work tirelessly to ensure that all custom challenge coins have an unrivaled look and feel. We take pride in our ability to provide high-quality minting of custom challenge coins of varying complexity.

Contact us if you want to have custom challenge coins made for your unit out of high-quality materials with a personalized design. Badges-Pins is ready to assist you as an experienced challenge coin maker! Use our Coin Configurator to create a rough sketch of your custom challenge coins, and our team will refine it for you.



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