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How do you design a sports medal for an event?

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sports medals for competitions

Sports medals are one of the factors that influence how organized competitions are perceived. A suitable design will not only attract additional competitors who want to win it but will also pique the interest of the media and the general public. How do you design a sports medal that is both a prize for the participants and a signature of the event? Some event organizers still believe that the sports medal does not affect the event's image or motivation, so they ignore their appearance and opt for simple solutions, such as using mass-produced medals. Because of the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, increased competition in the running industry, and hundreds of events organized each season, success is determined not only by the location and distance of a given event but also by the entire environment surrounding it.

Welcome packages for competitors, celebrity participants, prizes for winners, and sports medals awarded at the finish line all have an impact on the event's image and interest among potential participants. As a medal manufacturer, we plan projects for hundreds of events throughout Poland and Europe. We are constantly observing changing trends and, on occasion, contributing to their formation, to share with you a set of rules that will assist you in developing a concept for a unique sports medal for the competitions you organize. Let us get started. Click here for Sport Double Side Medal with Ribbon.

The most important aspects of competition sports medals

The first step in creating a design for sports medals for competitions is to include two pieces of basic information on each medal: the date of the event and its name. By including these elements in your project, you will ensure that the participants remember the name of the event as well as the date it takes place. This is especially true for cyclical events, which always occur on the same day of the month. Remember to include the name and date of the event when designing a sports medal for competitions.

A good project includes more than just a name and a deadline.

The name and date of the event are the only pieces of information that must appear on your medal. However, they do not affect its attractiveness, so your medal should include other distinguishing features. The first is your event's logo, which will also help you to strengthen the event's image. Consider how to incorporate your logo into a medal design when creating one. In the absence of a logo, the coat of arms of the cities where the events are held can be used. A theme referring to the theme of your event is another factor that will influence the attractive appearance of your medal. Consider including an image of a runner when organizing a running competition and in the case of a strength competition - bars, weights, bodybuilder - etc. The appearance of sports medals is also influenced by their shape. It may take the form of your logo or motifs referring to the theme of your event, depending on the two factors mentioned above. Your sports medal can be any shape you want, as long as it incorporates all of the elements. Ordering medals in the shape of event logotypes or theme motifs is a current trend. Medals in traditional shapes, such as circles or rectangles, are also popular.

Other aspects of medal design projects

You should be aware that the above-mentioned elements, which should be included in the project, will enable you to create a medal that will undoubtedly attract attention - one that is transparent and one-of-a-kind. Even if the project is limited to them, there will be some room for additional elements. We understand that without the support of sponsors, it is frequently impossible to organize a run or other sporting event. As a result, if you think it's appropriate, you can include the logotypes of the main sponsor or sponsors in your medal design. If there is enough space on the medal, you can also try to incorporate additional event information into the design, such as running distance, age category, edition, and so on.

Don't forget the sash!

A sash distinguishes sports medals for events from other medals, such as commemorative medals, and allows the medals to be proudly hung around the necks of participants. Remember to include a sash when designing a medal for your event. If you do not want to include additional elements on your sports medal project, such as sponsor logos or event information, a sash may be a good option. They can all be worn on a sash. We hope that this short guide will assist you in making your medal a signature of your event. As a medal manufacturer, we can create customized medals based on your specifications. If you do not have a medal design, our graphic artists will be happy to create one that meets all of your specifications and is in keeping with current trends.


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