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How to Make Personalised Dog and Cat Pins

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You adore their fuzzy expressions and the noises they make. You buy their special food, retrieve their favorite toy from behind the couch, and patiently tolerate all of their eccentricities. So why not bring them with you wherever you go?

If your pets are your life, obtaining a personalized pin with their adorable tiny faces is a no-brainer. Here's how to use Badges-Pins to create unique pins for your favorite animal friends.

How to Create a Custom Cat or Dog Pin at Badges-Pins

Select Your Design

Before you begin working on your custom pin with Badges-Pins, you must first decide on the image or artwork you want to use for your custom pin. There is no wrong answer when it comes to selecting the best representation of your pet. You could simply display their face, or you could have their adorable tiny legs and sleeping stance immortalized in pin form. It's entirely up to you.

Upload an Image

Once you've found the right visual expression of your actual love, upload the photo to Badges-Pins and begin the pin-making process. This is the start of the magic.

Choose a photo or drawing with good lighting so that the design staff at Badges-Pins can incorporate all of the small elements of your bespoke dog or cat pin.

Personalize Your Pin

The image has been posted. It's now time to pick out all of the interesting touches. Choose a size, material, and style that truly reflects your relationship with your pet. Related product: Dog Animal Metal Hard Enamel Pins.

Do you want to seem regal? Maybe a die-cast pin is the best alternative for you. Do you like a more laid-back, lighthearted atmosphere? Perhaps a soft enamel pin is the best option.

Examine the Mock-Up

After you've submitted your image and made your selections, it's time to hand over control to the Badges-Pins design team. We'll build a digital mock-up of your unique cat or dog pin (at no extra charge!) and send it to you so you can make any changes.

We want to get everything just right, so please let us know if Fido or Fluffy aren't looking the way you expected.

Accept the Sample

When you approve the mock-up, the Badges-Pins team will give you a sample of your unique dog or cat pin so you can see how it will look when finished.

You can create bespoke pins for your furry pals' birthday celebrations, office party handouts, or simply decorate all of your favorite fashion items with no minimum order restrictions and quick turnarounds. You'll never have to leave the house without your pet again.

Make Your Purchase

When everything is said and done, the only thing left to do is place your order!

Ready to begin creating your personalized dog or cat pin with Badges-Pins? To begin, browse our pin options, select your design, and then submit your image file.


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