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How To Manufacture Personalized Medals

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Metal Gold Medals Souvenir Medallion

The great thing about custom medals is that you can have whatever you want. Manufacturing and designing medals are not the same as designing for print or the web. Custom medals will combine veneer, electroplating, textures, and shapes in multiple layers! Each medal will have sentiments attached to it, so we must keep that in mind as we create them. People work hard for many years to earn custom race medals, custom award medals, custom running medals, custom academic medals, custom competition medals, and many other types of custom medals.

Consider a sportsperson who has spent a year working to win custom baseball medals, custom basketball medals, or custom gold medals. We must ensure that your design corresponds to their achievement and that they feel special while receiving your custom medals. We'll go over how to make custom medals in this section. So, without further ado, let's get started on that.

1. What is the purpose of custom medals?

Do you intend to distribute or award custom medals to your employees? Will it be an appropriate choice, or should you go with a certificate? Should it be given to the winners or everyone? Custom medals can effectively solve almost all of your problems. You only need to select the best custom medals suppliers. We will discuss the reasons for the need for custom medals in this section.

1.1 Considered valuable

It is well known that watching videos helps people remember things better than hearing or reading. Viewers prefer visuals and spectaculars. People who participate in contests value having something physical that they can take home with them. It is thought to be valuable. Make larger custom medals for the winners to encourage them to perform better to obtain such valuable custom coins and medals.

1.2 Brand development

People will keep custom competition medals for future memories, so brands should be aware of this. You must have kept the school mascot medals you received after competing in the sports fair. Custom coins and medals represent a genuine opportunity for brand building. Your custom race medals, custom academic medals, and custom award medals may reflect the brand's dedication to fun and willingness to try new things for its customers.

1.3 Increase employee involvement

Top-tier companies are also clueless when it comes to increasing employee engagement, and regular appraisal does not provide the necessary spark. Employees are looking for more than that. You can honor them by presenting them with custom award medals; you can also present them with custom volunteer medals in recognition of their volunteer achievements or responsibilities. You can instantly create a variety of custom coins and medals to reward employees, which will increase employee engagement because they will feel more acknowledged and appreciated.

1.4 Encourage goodwill

You can foster goodwill by keeping an eye on your employees' families. When your employees stay late, they usually pay the price. As a result, you can honor their sacrifice by providing them with personalized medals. It fosters goodwill, and employees appreciate that you care about their lives outside of work.

2. Uses for personalized medals

Custom medals serve a variety of functions. You can honor people by giving them custom award medals. As mementos, school mascot medals and custom volunteer medals are distributed. As souvenirs, custom academic medals, and custom competition medals are distributed. As a result, understanding how to use custom medals for various purposes is critical. Here are a few of the most common reasons for using custom medals.

2.1 Athletics

Custom race medals, running medals, competition medals, gold medals, and volunteer medals for international games such as the Olympics and Summer and Winter Games.

Every tournament, from sports to professional boxing, can have custom basketball medals, custom baseball medals, and other medals as athletic tournament incentives.

Many sporting events can result in medals for sporting invitationals and conferences.

2.2 School

To recognize the winners of contests such as spelling bees, trivia sessions, debates, and other competitions

Recognize student accomplishments

Students who represent the school in various sports and state tournaments and competitions are recognized.

Students from band, orchestra, and other national competitions will be honored.

2.3 Large and small businesses

To reward employees who meet their sales targets and assist businesses in meeting their annual goals

2.4 Fundraising

Awards for services and volunteer hours must be given out at such events. Custom volunteer medals can be awarded to those who have served the most effectively through non-profit membership over the years.

Participants and winners of marathons, fun runs, and walks can be awarded custom race medals and custom running medals.

Other types of fundraising events may require multiple custom medals.

3. The process of creating personalized medals

Custom medals are made to express gratitude to people who have worked hard to achieve a goal or prove themselves. Athletes are the most common recipients of custom gold medals, but they are not the only ones. Several custom medals suppliers have also created custom medals for ordinary people. People can be recognized for their accomplishments, efforts, or dedication to a cause or company. We all understand the significance of these medals, but it is time to learn how they are made. We'll learn how to make custom medals over here. Prepare yourself. You might find the following information useful.

3.1 3D Mockup

The group of creative individuals will replicate the visuals of the custom medal after deciphering the requirements received from the clients. They will first draw it by hand before fine-tuning it with cutting-edge computer technology. They will create a 3D mock-up of the design to give you an idea of the final appearance that custom medals suppliers or manufacturers will achieve. Clients can make multiple changes before the manufacturing process begins.

3.2 Relief design

The ideal object was created by the craftsman using various procedures, usually starting with modeling clay (building the relief), then plaster for details, and finally resin. With the help of modern technologies, ancient techniques remained relevant enough. Custom medals are created by combining experience, heritage, and history with cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting.

4. Tool development and management

The lessening machine, invented in the 18th century, moves a downsized copy of the pitch alleviation onto a steel plate. While a carbide processing burr repeats the specific developments, carving into the steel plate, a metal finger touches the pitch. Etching can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

After completing the etching and carving, you must ensure that there are no minor scratches. It is carefully examined and quietly altered by the hands of engravers and etchers. Following that, the steel plate is warmed to a high temperature before being immersed in fluid nitrogen, which sets metal atoms and gives it remarkable resistance. The tool will then be mounted on the press and used to stamp the metal spaces.

4.1 Metal fabrication

Following the preceding steps, the metal is cut to the required shape of the medal, and then stamping occurs. After cutting the metal, the workers set up and adjusted various settings to simplify the stamping process.

4.2 Medals struck or stamped

The metal blank should be struck repeatedly to achieve the perfect shape and design for the medal. Some metals, such as bronze and silver, do not tolerate the stamping process well.

5. The annealing procedure

Warm cycles between passes are critical for reestablishing the future medals' unique pliability. As a result, after each strike, the medal goes through a tempering cycle (an annealing process) that takes nearly eight hours in specially designed "annealing ovens"! The medals are submerged after each annealing treatment to remove impure ones. (Any deformity would be obvious to the unaided eye!).

5.1 Trimming

The medals will be managed when the assistance and its subtleties appear with precision and refinement: As the striking disfigures and straightens the first bronze plate as it dazzles the ideal alleviation, we end up with a band of metal that invades the medal's border. Trimming: This band of excess metal around the medal is removed to give the piece its final and finished shape and measurements.

5.2Polishing and welding of the ribbon attachment

Custom medals of various types, such as custom race medals, custom awards medals, custom running medals, custom baseball medals, custom academic medals, custom basketball medals, custom competition medals, custom gold medals, custom volunteer medals, and school mascot medals, are rinsed and polished in this step to maintain their shine. Almost all impurities are removed after the cleaning process, and the result is smooth and shiny.

5.3 Surface treatments and finishing

Custom medals are then sanded to create a smooth surface for the patina or silver plating to adhere to. They are then submerged in showers to store a fine layer of patina, silver, or gold, via electrolysis. The thickness of the valuable metal is typically greater than 1 micron. The first step in patinating medals is to brush the surface of the medals to remove the black deposit from the surface while leaving the deposit in the hollows of the relief of the medal for accentuation and thus to feature and highlight the engraving or etching work.


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