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How to Select Custom Enamel, Die Struck, and Photo Insert Challenge Coins

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All three processes for creating custom enamel challenge coins result in professional, high-quality coins that will reflect well on your organization. However, depending on which option you select, the final product and cost will differ. If you're not sure where to begin, here are some additional factors to consider:

Custom 3D Challenge Coins Soft Enamel

How complex is your design?

A photo insert coin is probably the best fit if you have an extremely intricate design that only a photo can capture all of the details. While die-struck and enamel coins can have a lot of detail, they are limited in terms of space and the need to create raised and recessed edges. A photo insert coin can depict what something looks like in full color.

Do You Want Some Color?

The die-struck custom challenge coin is ideal if you want a coin with no additional colors. This will give you the appearance of natural metal with a timeless design that recipients will appreciate for many years to come.

A Coin for a Special Occasion?

Organizations will occasionally want to create a special occasion version of an existing coin design. Perhaps a glitter, rainbow, or blackout rendition of your company's logo or statement is appropriate for its 50th anniversary. This can entail creating a variant of an existing design that you can utilize in this situation.

Others desire to select a coin that closely resembles their emblem. Here, an enamel coin would be a wise choice because the die offers a neat, polished appearance that will go well with your company's emblem.

It's crucial to think about which currency will work best for your organization's objectives and target market. You can also get advice on what words, images, and colors will have the greatest impact on your organization's audience by speaking with one of our customer service representatives.

Speak with One of Our Customer Service Representatives

When ordering custom challenge coins, there are many factors to consider, and speaking with one of our team members can help you decide which type of design would work best for you. Challenge coins come in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as various materials. There are also various styles of challenge coins, such as a classic coin with a smooth, polished finish and a custom coin with a textured, hammered finish.

Speak with a member of our customer care staff to help you decide which strategy would best fit your needs as you choose the type of coin design you want.

Get Assistance With Your Challenge Coin Design

Need assistance creating a personalized enamel challenge coin? We're prepared to assist. To speak with a member of our customer care team, please contact us. We may collaborate to design a unique challenge coin.

Custom Challenge Coins offers unique coins to customers all across the country. Whatever your challenge coin requirements are, we can assist you in creating a design that will perfectly represent your organization. Contact us today if you need assistance, and let's get started on your next set of custom coins!


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