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How to Select the Appropriate Size for Your Custom Challenge Coin

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Challenge coins are metal artifacts that are typically, but not always, circular and bear the logos of organizations or individuals. Challenge coins have a long history in the military, whether as a prize for an accomplishment or as a symbol of participation. The use of distinguishing symbols dates back thousands of years. Soldiers who distinguished themselves in battle in ancient Rome received a commemorative coin bearing their legion's name.

When purchasing challenge coins, it is critical to consider their size and measurements. Carrying it may become inconvenient if it is too large. If it's too small, you might not be able to fit all of the text and details you want.

The coin's size refers to both its diameter and thickness, and you should consider both while making your selection. We'll look at these factors in coin selection now. So, if you're considering purchasing a personalized challenge coin but aren't sure what size is best for you, keep reading this post for some advice on:

Challenge coins

What are your alternatives?

Challenge coins are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and thicknesses. The thickness of a US quarter ranges from 0.705 to 0.955 inches. The standard thickness of all coins is 3 mm, although this can be changed to meet the demands and wants of each customer. The usual challenge coin is about 1.75 to 2 inches long, which can determine how heavy you want it to feel in your hand.

1.5" (1 oz); 1.75" (1.4 oz); 2.0" (1.6 oz).

How to Choose the Correct Challenge Coin Size

Consider these factors when deciding on the dimensions of your challenge coin. You should consider the intended purpose as well as the level of information desired. Some people desire to show a challenge coin. Larger diameter and weight are justifiable in this circumstance. However, for people who intend to take them around, a lighter and smaller option is recommended because it is more convenient to put them in pockets or wallets.

Another important feature of the coin is the inclusion of a bottle opener. In this scenario, the size of the coin must be modified to fit the majority of bottles. To open a bottle comfortably, we recommend a 2.25-inch size. You'll need some leverage and extra surface area for your design to compensate for the cutout for the opening.

When creating a custom-shaped challenge coin, keep the coin's height and width in mind. Even if the width is the same, a cut-to-shape coin may appear smaller than a spherical coin if it lacks height.

The amount of text and the number of details in the coin's symbol impacts its size. It becomes more difficult to include minor details as it declines. The text is likewise limited in size; if you have a lot of text, legibility may suffer. As a result, when selecting the coin's dimensions, you should consider these elements to ensure that they meet your demands and expectations.

If you want to learn more, please contact us, and we will gladly recommend the optimal size for your unique challenge coins.


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