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Keychain Packaging Concepts

Views: 200     Author: Kunshan Shudan Arts and Crafts Co.Ltd.     Publish Time: 2023-06-13      Origin: Site


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Personalized Soft Hard Enamel Keychains

Custom keychains are popular, but they cannot be presented to customers without high-quality custom packaging.

Why Do You Need Custom Keychain Packaging?

Packaging not only makes your keychains retail-ready, but it also improves their visual appeal, increasing the markup potential. Even if you don't intend to sell your keychains (for example, by gifting them to workers, or clients, in a swag bag, or as a party favor), the packaging is a vital component of the presenting process. Without packaging, it may appear that you are re-gifting or re-selling previously used goods!

Not every company provides packaging... but we do!

Many custom keychain manufacturers require you to look elsewhere for packaging, which adds another step to the manufacturing process. Packaging is available as part of the design process! Our keychain packaging ideas are as diverse as our design selections. You have various options for packaging and presenting your keychain. The following are some of our favorite custom keychain packaging ideas.

Poly Bag in Clear

Your keychain is separately wrapped in a clear plastic bag with adhesive with this choice. This option is completely free and is ideal if you're giving out keychains as free swag.

The Velvet Pouch

Your keychains are carefully packed in luxury velvet drawstring pouches when you select "Velvet Pouch." This, unlike the previous choice, is not free. To receive specific pricing, speak with a Creative Specialist or use our Create Tool; nonetheless, the price is dependent on the order quantity. If you're presenting your keychains as gifts or as party or wedding favors, we recommend velvet pouch wrapping.

Velvet Box

You can also have your keychains packed in luxurious velvet jewelry cases. This, like the velvet pouches, is an extra charge, and you'll need to speak with a Creative Specialist or use our Create Tool to receive exact pricing. The velvet box is an excellent choice for general retail, but it's also a versatile keychain packaging solution that can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Case Made of Acrylic

Your keychains will be separately packed in clear cases with soft foam padding if you select the "Acrylic Case" option. This, like the velvet pouches and boxes, is an extra charge, and you'll need to speak with a Creative Specialist or use our Create Tool to receive specific pricing. We recommend using this packaging to display your keychains at tradeshows, as gifts, or for retail purposes.


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