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Ten creative ways to wear bespoke lapel pins

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Metal Pins Sport Club Lapel Pins

Some people I know claim that personalized lapel pins are a fantastic, though odd, marketing tool – a great way to highlight events, enhance notoriety, and just get your brand out there with a refreshing blend of elegance and shameless promotion.

And, since pins — or, as boomers may prefer, brooches — are making a resurgence, we thought we'd go through some of their applications. So, without further ado, here are ten of the best bespoke lapel pin applications.

Brand promotion

Pins are ideal for marketing packs, box inserts, and as a little extra tool in your publicity arsenal. You can make bespoke lapel pins with your logo or mascot to award staff or customers, who will then function as vectors for increasing brand awareness. A beautiful win-win situation.

Remember, if you make them pretty enough, people will lust over them! Click here for High Quality Metal Enamel Lapel Pins Badges.


Nonprofits and philanthropic groups are not uncommon in selling bespoke lapel pins to raise revenue and exposure. For years, organizations and political movements have employed pins as a campaign tool, as illustrated by the previous year's State of the Union speech.

Corporate events

Custom lapel pins are occasionally distributed at conferences, trade exhibitions, and networking events. This keeps your brand in people's minds and can serve as the basis for some very spectacular ideas. Just look at this 2018 San Diego Comic-Con gauntlet pin. What is cool if that isn't?

Commemorative purposes

A significant achievement for your company? Custom lapel pins can be a great way to honor memorable milestones, and promote pride, unity, and identity inside your organization, whether for your firm's anniversary, a key product launch, or the retirement of a cherished team member.

Awards and recognition

You could do worse than incorporating bespoke lapel pins into your corporate culture to honor employees for their hard work, dedication, and successes.

Lapel pins are also a creative method for non-profits to indicate how much you value the time and work of volunteers and donors. And, yes, even the modest pin has become a source of debate as to whether it is a legitimate way to say thank you. That's the twenty-first century for you.

Sports groups

Are you proud of your team? Puff up your chest and show off that pin! Pins can be made to look like team logos, mascots, or special events. They're a fantastic way to recognize the team spirit and togetherness that unite players, coaches, and spectators. Click here for Cheap Price High quality Bucks Metal Badges Hard Enamel Black Nickle Basketball Metal Pins Sport Club Lapel Pins.

Clubs and associations

You don't have to be a Freemason with an All-Seeing Eye medallion to seek a better way to show off your memberships. Custom lapel pins (or, again, brooches!) have long been used by members of clubs, societies, and professional groups to identify and promote their participation.


Without a doubt! Finally, bespoke lapel pins are simply cool small artifacts that many people like collecting and sharing. For some, they're a hobby in and of themselves, for others, they're part of a broader (and more expensive) addiction, and for still others, they're just a charming little touristy souvenir to bring home from vacations around the world.

Social and political causes

This is without a doubt a classic application for custom lapel pins: showing support for your pet's social or political causes. While wearing candidate buttons on your lapel was common practice in the past, it wasn't until the rise of online shopping and the popularity of memorabilia shops that buttons became in high demand.

Nothing beats making your custom button for a cause close to your heart these days. You can do it yourself online — a good place to start is our custom buttons page.

Personalized gifts

I'm not sure about you, but receiving a personalized lapel pin as a small gift from a friend is especially touching. (And it's only happened once, so please keep me in mind for your next batch.)

If you're thinking about giving custom lapel pins as a gift, there's no shortage of design options. For a unique and certainly memorable birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift, incorporate a person's name (or face), initials, a special message, a symbol, or even a classic movie scene.


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