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The Fundamentals of a Good Pin Design

Views: 200     Author: Kunshan Shudan Arts and Crafts Co.Ltd.     Publish Time: 2023-06-13      Origin: Site


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NO Minimum Metal Logo Pin

Whether you're an expert at designing unique products or have never done anything artistic before, it's a good idea to approach your project with the foundations of good pin design in mind. Pins are distinct from other bespoke products such as patches, prints, or screen-printed tees due to their structure, size, and materials. Here are a few pin-specific design tips to remember:

1. Choose Your Lines Wisely

If you make a conventional soft enamel pin, all of the lines in your design will be raised metal lines in the metal or finish of your choice. Keep this in mind while you draw out your design, and make sure any colors you pick complement the metal finish you'll be using. Consider making a hard enamel pin if you want fewer metallic lines or less roughness throughout your design.

2. Keep Things Simple

Pins are tiny, and the details on your pin will be even more so. Thin or detailed lines rarely transfer effectively in this media because small lines frequently merge throughout the production process. Choose clear lines, consistent colors, and simple shading.

3. Size

Make sure the size of your pin complements the overall design as well as the intended purpose of your piece. A 5-inch lapel pin, for example, isn't going to be very useful! Smaller pins are more wearing and less expensive, but they might hold less information.

4. Use an Eye-Catching Color Scheme

Enamel pins were designed to be noticed! Use bright contrasting colors in your enamel pin if it works for your brand and the image you're going for. Keep in mind that adding a lot of colors may cost you more money - while The/Studio allows you to include 21+ colors in your pin if you want, designs with 5 or fewer colors cost the least.

5. Double-check the text for clarity

It's pointless to have words on your enamel pin if they can't be read. Keep text to a minimum and choose a legible, large, bold font.

6. Design with your pin type in mind

There are SIX distinct sorts of personalized pins to choose from at The/Studio. While they all serve the same purpose – allowing your consumers to personalize their apparel or accessories – they all appear significantly different even before modification.

If you've already decided to make an enamel pin, you'll have to pick between soft enamel pins made by pouring colored enamel between metal lines and hard enamel pins that are polished flat across the surface of a pattern.

A die-struck pin or a 3D mold pin may be a better alternative if you want a textured metallic pin with no color. Related Product: Magnetic 3D Printed Metal Lapel

If you require a high level of detail, an offset printed pin with a thin or thick epoxy coating may be the best alternative.


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