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Why Enamel Pins Make Excellent Small Swag

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Metal Event Coin

Higher shipping costs, an increase in virtual events, and a growing trend toward decluttering have made small swag a more practical option for both the giver and receiver. But, can a smaller promotional item still have a big impact on the customers and employees who receive it? It can if you choose swag that people want to keep and show off.

Enamel pins meet all of the criteria for the ideal small swag. Pins are simple to make, can be customized to fit your brand and purpose, and, best of all, people love to wear and share their pins both online and in person. Click here for Metal Event Coin.

Enamel pins are simple to ship and keep.

Your event swag should be easy to handle and ship, whether you're storing it at a conference booth or sending it to virtual event attendees. Enamel pins are the ideal choice. Trade show booths are not known for having a lot of storage space. Large, bulky swag makes booth organization a nightmare.

Because enamel pins are only one to two inches in diameter, hundreds of them can be packed into a single, manageable box. It'll slide right under your table, allowing you to grab a handful to distribute. Even better, the people who receive your pins will not have to figure out how to transport them in their overstuffed carry-on.

Enamel pins are cheap.

There are times when an expensive promotional item is required, but when you're handing out swag to hundreds of employees or customers, it has to be cost-effective. With a little forethought, you can create your own 100% custom enamel pin for a reasonable price. Enamel pins are an affordable swag option due to their manufacturing process, especially for a fully customizable product.

Enamel pins are simple to obtain.

You don't have hours to devote to designing swag when you're organizing an event, even if you want it to be amazing. There are only three steps to ordering enamel pins, and you can start with just your logo or a napkin sketch.

Enamel pins are very popular.

Marketing swag that is forgotten in a drawer or thrown away is a waste of money. Enamel pins have been popular for decades, even becoming collectibles.

The design of enamel pins is adaptable.

You can use your swag to express gratitude to employees or donors, raise brand awareness, or spread a message. Enamel pins can take on almost any simple or complex design required to complete each job.

Enamel pins are worn and passed around.

The right swag can do double duty by impressing the person who receives it and creating impressions in the eyes of everyone else who sees it. Enamel pins are intended to be worn and displayed, making the owner happy and bringing your brand to the attention of those they meet.


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