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10 Tips for Keeping Enamel Pins Looking New

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Logo Metal Soft Enamel Pins for Souvenir

Whether you are a custom pin designer or a collector that buys, sells, or swaps collections, you will want to keep them looking as new as possible for as long as possible.

How can you keep your enamel pins in pristine condition? Chemical cleaners should be avoided as they can damage the enamel layers. Airtight storage containers can help preserve metal features from tarnishing, and keeping them out of direct sunlight when on display can help reduce UV damage that causes discoloration. Related product: Logo Metal Soft Enamel Pins for Souvenir

We all want our pins to last as long as possible, and there are several things you can do to ensure this. Proper storage, cleaning, and display practices can help your pins endure much longer without losing their luster. We've broken out ten main circumstances that pin collectors frequently face. They can all make your pin appear a little worse for wear, so we've included some tips to help you keep your pins looking crisp. The material of your pin and the protective coatings it has can help you identify the best ways to keep it clean and safe.

1. Set of Loose Pin Backings

Superglue can be used to reinforce the base of loose pin backings. A super glue pen is one of the simplest to use since it has a fine tip that allows you to apply it only to the region that requires it. This helps to keep your pin appearing new.

2. Keeping Your Pins Clean

You should be very cautious when cleaning your pin. Instead of polishing soft enamel pieces, use a cotton Q-tip to carefully remove any residue. Jewelry polish can be used to polish hard enamel.

You should avoid using harsh chemicals in household cleaners or natural cleaners like vinegar. Both can damage the enamel.

3. Display and Storage Cases

To keep your pins appearing fresh and new put them in sealed containers. They should be maintained away from direct sunshine, as UV rays might damage the paint. Pin storage containers should also be kept in a dry, room-temperature environment.

You can display your pins in a variety of ways, including the ones listed below.

Display cabinet with drawers

Display box with standard dimensions

Book or pin folio bag

Flags and other fabric pin holders

4. Safely Store Shipping Pins

When delivering Pins to clients or friends, make sure they are individually wrapped and packaged with an inner line of foam or bubbles.

5. Trade Shows and Conventions

Everyone likes to show off their favorite enamel lapel pins when they attend gatherings with other people who share their enthusiasm for the pastime, but wearing them, especially a large number of them at once, increases the chance of breaking or losing one. As a result, rather than wearing the most important pins on your clothes or a lanyard while attending an event, keep them in a pin folio or other storage container. People may ask to see your pins, and it is preferable to display them carefully rather than allowing several people to touch them because fingertips contain oils that can damage the enamel.

6. Pin folios are used to store and transport pins

A pin folio is a book or bag that usually zips together and contains pages designed to retain many pins at once. Each page is made out of foam, paper, or cardboard insert with rows of pinholes equally spaced. Overtop is a protective layer that prevents the pins from being scratched or exposed to air, humidity, or other potentially harmful elements of the environment.

7. Ways to Wear Pins and Keep Them Looking New

The most typical places to wear pins are on a hat, the outer layer of your garment, or a lanyard.

When wearing pins, there is always the possibility that they will become entangled, come loose, or be subjected to treatment that will injure them in some way. You can wear them in more secure settings to reduce the likelihood of this happening. The shirt or coat lapel is an excellent location because it is rarely subjected to rough handling. To reduce the chances of the metal rusting, always remove pins after wearing them and store them in an airtight container until you wish to wear them again.

8. Keeping the Metal Clean

Metal detailing on pins can tarnish when exposed to humidity or the open air for extended periods. Using jewelry polish and a microfiber cloth is the best approach to remedy this. To avoid tarnishing, store your pins in an airtight container or polish them during routine cleaning.

Pins should be properly stored when not in use to prevent the metal and enamel paint from being damaged by the environment. There are numerous products available to restore the luster of metal jewelry that can be used in pin detailing.

9. Ordering Additional Custom Pins

When getting bespoke pins for yourself, it's a good idea to order one or two extra just in case there's an issue with the shipment or you need to replace one due to damage. Chips, gouges, and scratches in the enamel paint can be difficult to cure, so if you require the pin for a specific event, it may be preferable to purchase multiple.

10. Lapel Pin Applications That Do Not Require Their Wear

We've already discussed pin folios, exhibitions, and trade shows, but there are a few additional methods to use lapel pins that don't involve wearing them. They can be used to decorate accessories such as bags, handbags, and laptop covers. Other items that can hold your pins and create a stunning display are listed below.

Pin pennants on corkboards

Make embroidery hoops out of your favorite fabric.

Lamp sconces


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