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Types Of Challenge Coins


Types Of Challenge CoinsChallenge coins are a great way to make your next special event more memorable, but there are so many different coins to choose from that it can be difficult to find the right one for you. So, what are the various types of challenge coins? Military coins, police, fire, and EM

5 Things to Look for in a Custom Pin Company


When was the last time you exclaimed, "Wow, this is great customer service?" Alternatively, "How does this company stay in business?"Is it the bad customer service experience or the good customer service experience that you remember first, from the cashier at the grocery store to the phone call with

What metals are enamel pins made of?


What metals are enamel pins made of?Enamel pins have risen to prominence in today's fashion industry. But what metals are used in the enamel pin-making process, and how does it look? Enamel pins, also known as lapel pins, are not a new fashion trend. Lapels, on the other hand, have been popular in t

Most Expensive Challenge Coins


Most Expensive Challenge CoinsAny serious challenge coin collector knows that some are far more valuable than others. So, what exactly are these challenge coins? The 17th Infantry COL "Buffalo Bill" Quinn coin, presidential challenge coins, Navy Deep Sea Master Diver Challenge Coin, and B-52 Bulldog

Can Enamel Pins Be Used as Earrings?


Can Enamel Pins Be Used as Earrings?Enamel pins have transformed into the most distinctive earrings on the market. A once-formal style accessory is now one of today's hottest trends. Because of their fun, vibrant, and customizable features, enamel (lapel) pin earrings are a great fashion hack that e

How Personalized Keyrings Will Support Your Marketing Strategy


How Personalized Keyrings Will Support Your Marketing StrategyKeychains are a classic and widely used promotional item. However, because keychains are so common, some marketers might not even think of them as effective promotional items. These pointers will be helpful even if you have never used per

Reasons Why Custom Keychains Make Great Corporate Gifts


Reasons Why Custom Keychains Make Great Corporate GiftsA corporate gift is a wonderful way to show clients and staff how much you value them. It will effectively represent your brand while giving the recipients a sense of appreciation. Keychains are timeless corporate gifts that are worthwhile to pu

Logo keychains will impress everyone


Logo keychains will impress everyoneIf you believe that people don't like inexpensive giveaways like personalized keychains, you are definitely in for a surprise. Nobody can resist key tags because they are necessary for organizing the many sets of expensive keys that people have. Custom keychains w

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Custom Keychains


How to Choose the Right Material for Your Custom KeychainsMarketers should consider the preferences of their target audience when selecting the best keychain model. For example, if you want to target the outdoorsy crowd, you'll need models like carabiner keychains that can be attached to bag straps

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