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3 Ways to Reduce the Price of a Custom Medal

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Love it or hate it, you want your wedding to be the best it can be while staying within your budget.

If you need incredible custom medals and awards to represent your event and reward your participants with something one-of-a-kind, don't think a custom medal has to be expensive.

Check out these three important tips for keeping the cost of your custom medals low:

1. Don't put things off! Order First

Remember that the majority of custom medals are produced abroad when ordering them. There are two ways to get cargo to the United States: by air and by sea. Although it costs the least, shipping via ocean takes 4-6 weeks* longer than shipping via air.

The size and thickness of your medal will determine how much money you can save. You will save more money if the medal is larger. You could save more than one dollar per medal, for instance, on a 3.5" medal. As a result, if you order 500 medals, choosing ocean shipping over air shipping could result in a $500 savings on your order.

2. A plain design can be stunning

Size and features are two important elements that have an impact on a custom medal's price. Too many event organizers get caught up in the idea that they must award a huge medal with the most features, but this raises the price.

To promote your event and reward participants with a fantastic custom medal, you can, however, choose a slightly smaller medal with fewer features (enamel colors, spinners, gemstones, etc.).

3. Prices drop the more you order

Like most things, the price decreases as you place larger orders. This also holds for personalized medals. Here is a concrete illustration of how custom medals are related to this idea:

Orders for multiple years and events. You can create a custom medal that will last for many years. If you have a 100-medal event but have the ability (and budget) to order 300 medals, you can use the medals for the event within the next two years.

A 2.5" custom die-cast cast medal in quantity 100, for example, costs around $6.00 per unit, depending on your design. Ordering 300 of the same medal design, on the other hand, reduces the price to around $4.00 per unit. Over two years, you'd pay $1,200 if you bought one year at a time, versus $800 if you bought all 300 at once (a potential $400 savings!). Click here for Favourable Price Award Sport Medals.

So, if your circumstances allow, you can see how ordering custom medals for multiple years and future events can be advantageous.

4. Keeping Costs Low

Don't let the cost of a custom medal deter you from adding a professional touch that adds a wow factor to your event. You can get the perfect medal for your event without breaking the bank if you follow these tips.

Contact us to begin the conversation if you'd like to learn more about these tips and other helpful ways to reduce the cost of your custom medal.


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