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5 Things to Look for in a Custom Pin Company

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When was the last time you exclaimed, "Wow, this is great customer service?" Alternatively, "How does this company stay in business?"Is it the bad customer service experience or the good customer service experience that you remember first, from the cashier at the grocery store to the phone call with your airline representative or an online chat with an automated assistant?

One of the most important customer service statistics is the sharing of experiences. Happy customers tell nine friends on average, while angry customers tell sixteen. That's a significant difference in pay, especially in the highly competitive custom pin industry. Every time, an excellent custom pin company strives for an exceptional customer experience—something to brag about. So, what constitutes a positive customer service experience? We discovered five things to anticipate from your custom pin company.

1. Maintain simplicity

Making everyone's experience "nice" is, well, nice. However, there is something far more important in terms of customer loyalty: reducing your customers' effort.

Badges-Pins has made it a priority to make the ordering process simple for customers in the online pin industry. We frequently hear from our customers how easy and simple the entire process was. Many of our customers are ordering custom lapel pins, buckles, patches, coins, and finisher medals for the first time, and it can be difficult to know where to start and what is required. Customers have returned time and again to order more of these custom items because the experience was quick and easy.

2. How much do you know?

When customers fill out our custom quote form, we ask them basic questions like size, quantity, and required date. Aside from these fundamental questions, it is also critical to understand what the product will be used for, how it will be worn, and who the ultimate end user will be. These simple questions mean a lot to the customer because they know we care about their pin and want to recommend options that will save them time and money.

Good customer service benefits the customer, whether the customer is a wholesaler, an administrative assistant, or the president of a company. When our customers realize that we understand their needs, they begin to realize that we care, and a long-term relationship is formed. It is priceless to gain their trust as their go-to company for custom lapel pins and high-quality products.

Many of our customers have expressed gratitude for a quick email asking how their event went, how the pins arrived, or if we could assist them with a design for their next event. What can happen when you get to know a customer is amazing.

3. Remember to say "thank you" and "sorry"

"Thank you" does not require an explanation. Simply saying "thank you" to a customer can be an extremely effective way to strengthen your relationship with them. Receiving gratitude not only alters our thoughts and feelings but also alters our behavior for the better. Did they provide you with feedback? "Thank you" Did they find a bug? "Thank you" Were they upset about something? "Thank you"

You also don't need a reason to apologize. If a customer is upset with you, you can issue a refund. If they want to keep the custom pins, you can have their order remade at no cost or discount the order. But don't underestimate the power of a simple apology. Even if you did nothing wrong, you should be sorry for how the customer feels. Inform them of this. The customer must feel heard and that their concerns are being addressed.

We once had a customer who was completely distraught over a minor production error. Nothing would have satisfied her more than a walk into the ocean to find the bottom at the deepest depths without air. While every effort was made to resolve this issue, the customer was dissatisfied. After numerous apologies, the customer appeared to relax and accept that a mistake had been made and that we were all susceptible to human error. "Thank you" and "I'm sorry" don't cost you anything to say. Don't be shy.

4. Don’t let them go

This may sound creepy, but bear with me as I explain. It's all too easy to let angry customers walk away because a mistake was made and they're upset. If they're gone, that's it, right?

Wrong. When a problem arises, providing genuine customer service can make a customer more loyal in the long run by asking questions, clarifying, and fleshing out what their needs are. After you've determined what's wrong, you can begin the recovery process.

Disney is well-known for providing excellent customer service. You can convert dissatisfied customers into loyal, happy ones by following a few simple steps in the Disney Institute's H.E.A.R.D. method:

Hear: Allow the customer to complete their story without interruption. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen.

Empathize: Demonstrate that you completely understand how the customer feels. Use phrases such as "I'd be frustrated, too."

You can't apologize enough as long as it's genuine. Even if you did not cause their dissatisfaction, you can still sincerely apologize for how they feel (e.g., I'm always sorry that a customer is upset).

Resolve: Resolve the problem as soon as possible, or make sure your employees have the authority to do so. "What can I do to make this right?" don't be afraid to ask the customer.

Diagnose: Determine the cause of the error without blaming anyone; instead, concentrate on improving the process so that it does not happen again. It may be tempting to simply walk away from a seemingly intractable problem. Don't. Not every customer interaction begins well, but you can change that.

5. Experiment with a different connection

Your customers are likely to conduct all of their interactions with businesses online, through email, social media, and possibly phone calls. But how many businesses "break the digital plane," as it were, and provide a warm personal touch to their customers away from the internet?

We have provided a personalized set of custom pins to police departments across the country that have lost an officer in the line of duty over the years. We send a heartfelt, personally signed letter explaining our appreciation and sorrow for their loss along with these custom pins. In response, we have received countless personal letters of thanks for the donated pins, as well as how much the letter of support and pins meant to the department and families of these fallen officers. In an age of constant digital or electronic contact, it is refreshing to receive something more personal and genuine, such as a simple note in the mail.


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