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5 Tips for Packaging Custom Pins

Views: 200     Author: Kunshan Shudan Arts and Crafts Co.Ltd.     Publish Time: 2023-08-28      Origin: Site


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Shiny Decoration Hat Pins

You've spent hours perfecting those custom pin designs and weeks waiting for them to be made. All the while, you're working hard online to promote your custom pins and draw attention to your work. However, congratulations! You've completed your first transaction. But hold on! Don't scrimp on packaging. Making the coveted sale is exciting, but a customer's first hands-on experience with your pin business is through the packaging, and the extra effort of premium packaging elevates the experience from meeting expectations to wowing customers and bringing them back for another order. Here are five suggestions from Badges-Pins to improve your custom pin packaging:

1. Package Custom Pins in Flat Mailers Instead of Bubble Mailers

For small items like pins or coins, bubble mailers are one of the most popular types of packaging envelopes because they're affordable and lightweight, and you can easily order a large pack of them from Amazon. Their bubble-wrapped exteriors, on the other hand, are soft and are subjected to much rougher handling by the post office, frequently being folded or squashed in transit. Additionally, bubble mailers don't do much to improve the perceived quality of your custom pins because they are so inexpensive and simple to obtain. Instead, use stiff flat mailers made of chipboard or fiberboard; they have more durable exteriors, are less likely to fold or bend, and can be purchased in bulk for a few cents each. Click here for Shiny Decoration Hat Pins.

2. Protect the Pin’s Surface

Your personalized pins' surfaces could be damaged by rough handling or shipping when compared to the interior of their packaging. In addition to ensuring that your pins are protected, adding a sheet of plastic or cellophane gives your pin packaging a classy, polished appearance. Wrapping your products in a single layer of bubble wrap will protect them from damage if you just want to double-check their security. But in this instance, we'd advise going the extra mile and adding a wrapped ribbon or bright string. When customers unwrap their custom pins, they are aware of and grateful for small but thoughtful personal touches like this that combine form and function in your packaging.

3. Include Package Inserts With Pin Packaging

A magical aspect of delivery is unpacking; in fact, YouTubers draw tens of thousands of viewers online simply by opening up new packages or deliveries. The thrill of ripping open a package and looking inside is a big part of the magic. Package inserts give a delivery that would otherwise be an empty pack with perhaps some packaging materials an unexpected burst of color and personality. Including an insert is as inexpensive as you want to make it, from handwritten cards to expert business cards, and they're another chance to strengthen your brand by requesting product reviews, enticing clients to recommend you on social media, or expressing sincere gratitude. Customers read package inserts, as opposed to random posters or flyers. Package inserts can be anything, including:

Handwritten notes of appreciation

Vouchers for their upcoming custom pins

Business cards with your PIN and contact information

Original art prints

Extra free pins or trinkets left over from a previous project

4. Think About Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives

Not only does lowering your carbon footprint benefit the environment, but it can also increase the sales of your custom pins. Heck, more than 52% of consumers worldwide claim that brands with eco-friendly packaging have an impact on their purchasing choices. Customers are more confident in a variety of industries, including groceries, cosmetics, energy, and more, when they know that their purchases contribute to environmental preservation. For your custom pin business, switching to eco-friendly packaging can have the same effect. Tipping the ecological scale is not only simple—most packaging options for your pin include affordable recycled or biodegradable substitutes—but also cost-effective—most of those options cost the same as or less than conventional packaging.

5. Purchase Custom Cardstock Backing

Adding cardstock backing to a custom pin order is a low-cost option that we recommend for any client who wants to sell their custom pins online or in retail. It raises the perceived value of a pin and increases its ability to attract attention. Not to mention, adding a cardstock backing to your pin adds a customization layer for art flourishes highlighting your pin design, unique eye-catching shapes, and, of course, showcasing your company name, logo, website, or social media. Our design specialists can consult with you for free to determine the ideal size, style, and color to go with a particular pin design. We've worked with designers who put just as much effort into coming up with a distinctive card design as they did on the pin, and we've worked with companies that only wanted their brand to be consistently recognizable on their pins.


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