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7 Factors That Influence the Price of a Custom Medal

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3D Sports Medals

Custom medals are an excellent way to promote your event and thank participants for their efforts, but how much of your budget should you allocate to them? Because so many factors influence cost, it's difficult to provide an accurate answer to the question, "How much does a custom medal cost?" without knowing some of your specific desires and requirements.

However, we can tell you what factors influence custom medal pricing. We explain the key factors that contribute to the cost of your medal in this list, so you can be well-informed when you speak with your favorite medal vendor.

1. Type

Custom medals come in a wide range of styles and materials, including zinc, iron, lead, pewter, brass, silver, copper, PVC, wood, and more. Each type uses a certain production process. Depending on your needs, they can all be excellent choices.

These are some of the most well-liked types:

Die-cast medals are perfect for straightforward or intricate designs with or without color, including 3D sculpting, cityscapes and portraits, numerous levels, cut-outs, multi-piece designs, moving elements, and unique features.

Spin-cast medals generate high-quality medals that hold fine design details and come in a variety of finishes, making them perfect for basic patterns with raised and recessed regions. Additionally, you can include more sophisticated features like numerous layers, 3D sculpting, and enamel color fills. Click here for High Standard Eye-Catching 3D Sports Medals Awards Medals.

Die-struck medals are ideal for honoring people, such as in halls of fame, as guests of honor, as symbols of lifelong achievement, or as high-level awards.

Insert medals are a wonderful option when you want a quick turnaround, a vibrant design, and practically any number. Usually, this decision is limited by time and finances.

Die-cast medals with full-color artwork that are thick and substantial are known as ColorMax Medals. They are available in 2.5" and 3" round or square shapes, have gold, silver, or bronze finishes, and can be made in a short amount of time.

If you require a fairly quick turnaround, wood medals are a good option. The aesthetic offered by using wood instead of metal is distinctive and may be seamlessly incorporated into the concept of an occasion like trail runs or bike races.

PVC medals are vibrant, flexible, and entertaining. wonderful for events involving children.

Glass medals are the ideal choice if you need a distinctive, elegant award in modest quantities.

2. Volume

In general, the more bespoke medals you purchase, the less expensive each medal is per unit. This is because setup, mold and die costs, production costs, and transportation costs often reduce as the number of units sold rises.

Price reductions depending on quantity are common but keep in mind that they don't apply to all kinds of medals. Check quantity price discounts for the sort of medal you are purchasing because, for instance, you could be able to get 1,000 medals for less than the price of 950 medals.

3. Dimensions / Thickness

True custom medals can be made in any size and shape, although they are often priced according to size and thickness (2", 3", 4", etc.). As a result, making larger and thicker medals costs more money since more materials are needed.

The pricing may vary depending on the shape. For instance, a 3" square metal medal requires more material and covers a larger surface area than a 3" round medal. Shipping expenses are also impacted by the added weight.

4. Awarded a medal

Depending on the type of medal and the material you select, the metal treatment may have an impact on the cost. Here are a few possible finishes:

Shiny (gold, brass, silver, bronze)

Antique (gold, brass, silver, bronze, nickel, pewter)

Matte/Satin (gold, brass, silver, bronze)

Nickel (black, silver, PMS color match)

Powder coat finishes (PMS color match)

Natural finish (unplated)

Some finishes are more expensive to produce and more difficult to apply. Your choice may impact the final price.

5. Design Elements

There are several design elements you can choose to include, depending on the type of medal. In general, the cost increases as you add more features. Some of the most popular characteristics are listed below:

3D sculpting

Enamel color fill (soft/hard)

Translucent color fill


Glow-in-the-dark color fill

Color printing


Epoxy Dome

Bottle openers




Synthetic stones


Coaster pads

Coin edges



The recipients will value some of these features more since they make the medal more useful (like a bottle opener).

6. Medal Accoutrements

The medals you select typically come with alternatives and accessories that complete and enhance your finished prize. These may consist of:

Custom or stock ribbons

Custom or stock lanyards

Cords (leather, rope)

Ribbon attachments (velcro, snap clip, jump ring)

Engraving and personalization options

Special packaging

7. Time / Logistics

The lead periods for ordering and producing each style of medal vary. Their cost takes to lead and production delays into account. If you need medals sooner than usual, you may need to pay extra money (for expedited delivery and rush charges, for example). Additionally, time and overall cost might be affected by shipping and fulfillment.

The majority of bespoke medals are produced abroad. One of two import methods—by air or by the ocean—is determined by the amount of time available to make your medals, which has a significant impact on the cost.

Your timeframe is influenced by several other things, but the biggest one by far has to do with the shipping method you choose (or are forced to use).


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