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8 Interesting Facts About Lapel Pins

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Cartoon Hard Enamel Pin Soft Lapel Pin

People pay attention when they notice a lapel pin on a coat, hat, jacket, or uniform. In that sense, pins are like beacons, but once lured in, you'll realize that each one is like a small short story wrapped up in a 1-inch space. Most people are unaware of the power of the pin, therefore here are eight facts about lapel pins that you might not have known:

1. Soft enamel reigns supreme

Or should we say, fit for a king on a shoestring? The most prevalent form of the pin is a soft enamel pin. It is the most affordable sort of pin, but it still has the durability and vibrancy that one would anticipate when purchasing a pin. Because of its vivid, dimensional appearance, it is frequently chosen by those who trade pins. Click here for Cartoon Hard Enamel Pin Soft Lapel Pin.

2. Hard Enamel for the Serious Worker

Hard enamel pins are similar to soft enamel pins but are more durable. They are also die-struck in metal and color-filled with brilliant paint, but the distinction is in the tempering. After cooling, the paint is hardened by heat to strengthen its strength. When they have cooled, they are polished to create a smooth, glittering jewelry-like surface.

3. Photographs can be embedded in pins

Sometimes a real-life snapshot is what you want on a pin. The offset-printed pin, on the other hand, can have a real-life photograph printed on it. An offset printed pin can depict a mountain panorama, a person's face, or a stunning sunset. To safeguard the lovely image, the photo is printed on a metal pin and then sealed with a transparent epoxy coating that will not come off.

4. Lapel Pins Pins are not required

Pin signifies "peg" in Old English, but pin creations nowadays require that pointed bit of metal attach it to something. Although the most frequent way to wear one is with a clutch pin, additional choices are now available. Safety pins, magnets, and screws are all choices for attaching the lapel pin in a variety of ways. Other, less expected, means taking the lapel pin off and putting it on your cufflinks, tie clip or keychain!

5. Instead of wearing your pin, trade it

Pins were originally designed to be used to adorn and make a statement, but collecting and trading pins has become a far larger craze in recent years. Disney pins, Olympic pins, little league baseball tournaments, destination Imagination, and Odyssey of the Mind competitions all have "Pin Trading" as a component. Most pin traders are passionate about their work and make pins that are huge, bright, one-of-a-kind, and easily marketable. The most crucial aspect of the tournament is pin trading; it determines whether you win or lose.

6. Pins can blink, spin, dangle, and slide

Play with it instead of just pinning it. Lapel pins can have moving elements such as blinking lights or a piece that spins, dangles, slides left to right, up and down, or even bobbles. You thought your pin was noticed before? Well, with moving parts, people want to know about it and play with it. The novelty factor is unstoppable.

‍7. Lapel Pins Speak for themselves

Okay, so the lapel pin does not speak, but it does send a message, it attracts attention, it elicits inquiries, and most importantly, it allows you to tell your story about the exact pin you are wearing or displaying.

8. A Pin can be made by anyone

Some may believe that only a large corporation can produce a pin. This is not correct. With a minimum order quantity of 100, you may have your design manufactured into a pin for as little as $2 to $3.

Now that you are an expert, simply contact us and we will assist you in bringing your ideas to reality.


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