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Build a Distinctive Identity to Your Shop

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Build a Distinctive Identity to Your Shop

With thousands of storefronts vying for attention to make a name and identity for themselves, differentiating yourself from the competition is as important as ever.

From a unique art style to an ongoing theme or shop niche, look for ways to give the custom lapel pins in your shop an iconic element that differentiates itself from the rest.

Not only does this make your storefront recognizable, and thus easier to find for repeat business, but it helps to cultivate a following and build a community around your custom pin designs.

Of course, building an identity or brand for your pin designs takes a very concerted effort, but there are a few actionable items just about anyone can immediately take to help build a stronger identity including:

Personalizing your pin designs with custom backstamps.

Use custom cardstock to improve your pin presentation and broadcast your online shop or website for future business.

Take your pins to an online sales platform that best matches your target audience and marketing goals.



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