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Die Struck Enamel Pins

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Custom die struck pins are timeless. How colors are used in designs varies every couple of years. Bright bold colors are popular one year and then muted paler colors come into favor. A custom die struck pin always looks good.

Die struck pins are the most popular choice for years of service pins and achievement pins meant to be worn daily on a uniform. Their clean classic all-metal appearance makes it easy for them to be worn with outfits or uniforms and avoid any clash of color. When made with one of our antique metal platings, die struck pins are also some of the most legible pins. While corporate color and design standards change, a die struck pin will continue to look good and not out place throughout these. This is very important when a company launches a custom years of service pin program. Some of these are in place for 10-20 years and the pins need to look as and "on-brand" at the end of the period as they did at the beginning

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Our factory Passed Bv safety Test produce many style pins , made high quality pins reasonable price for you all the time.
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