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Challenge Coins With Different Thickness

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When creating a personalized coin, the first thing people consider is how they will get the artwork just right. Colors, plating, edging, and even the shape of the coins can be customized to help you bring your ideas to life, but there is one unique choice that many people overlook: thickness.

Challenge coin thickness, like height and shape, is adjustable. The average challenge coin thickness is 3mm, but if you want a design with a little more weight behind it, upgrading to a 4mm coin will make a significant difference. On the other hand, developing an extra-thin design will yield something unique that most people haven't seen before.

Depending on the size of the coins and the artwork you have in mind, some coins require a thicker design, but no matter what type of coin you're looking for, customizing the thickness of challenge coins is an excellent way to create a distinctive design.

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Selecting a Larger Coin Shape

Our clients prefer thicker coins than the standard 3mm coin because they want the coins to feel heavier. The typical challenge coin is 1.5 to 1.6 ounces in weight, 1.75" in diameter, and 3mm thick. Increasing the design thickness to 4mm will result in a 33% rise in weight.

Heavier coins have a higher perceived worth and feel more substantial, making them an even more meaningful gift for any recipient.

A thicker design, in addition to making a coin appear heavier, allows for more depth and detail. 3D coins, for example, have infinite possibilities for raised and recessed levels, but a thicker coin design allows for higher peaks and deeper imprints in the artwork. The end product is a 3D design with incredible relief and realistic detail, such as this alligator coin we created for the US Navy.

This coin measures 8mm thick at its thickest point, allowing our design team plenty of room to create a realistic design. To put it into context, the alligator's cheekbone impressions are depressed 3mm into the metal, or about the same thickness as a standard challenge coin.

Aside from the increased depth and detail in the artwork, another benefit of thick coin designs is the additional room on the true edge. A thicker design allows for more space to include bold, legible text if you want to include a unique engraving around the true edge of a coin, whether it's a round coin or a custom shape coin.

Creating a Thin Challenge Coin

One of the best methods to change how the coins feel in your hand is to change the thickness of your design. Thicker coins will be heavier than a standard 3mm coin, but not all clients want a heavy design. Some individuals prefer to take the opposite approach and create a lighter, thinner coin design.

This coin is only 1.2mm thick and weighs 0.4 oz. The currency feels paper-thin and fragile in your palm, but the brass design is very sturdy. A thicker coin design may be the best option for intricate 3D artwork, but a coin thinner than 3mm does not have to be boring. Click here for Cheap 3D Metal Coins Collection Metal Antique Coin.

The intricate impressions on these coins create a striking pattern. To contrast with the antique silver plating, the text around the border and in the middle of the Arizona design on the back of the coin is color filled with black enamel. Its signature, however, sticks out at the center of the design. It just goes to demonstrate that even if you want to make something thinner than the standard 3mm, we'll make it memorable for your team.

Creating Challenge Coin Thickness Although challenge coin thickness is not the first thing that comes to mind when designing a coin, it is an important consideration. Remember to consider how selecting a thicker or thinner coin design will affect things the next time you customize a set of coins.

A thicker challenge coin provides for more realistic 3D artwork, and the additional weight can increase the perceived value of the design, but creating something extra thin is sometimes the best way to leave a lasting impression. We can assist you whether you choose a heavy currency or a paper-thin design.



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