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Considerations for Medal Badges Customization

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1. Why are personalized medal badges necessary?

In actuality, we will come across a variety of competitions throughout our lives at institutions like businesses and schools. Different prizes will unavoidably be given out in each competition. Aside from some tangible, actual prizes, medals, trophies, or badges are also necessary.

Custom-made medals, trophies, and badges reflect the ceremony the organizer gives the competitors as well as the distinction they accord themselves. So what must we, as the demand side, keep in mind while customizing medal badges?

2. Medal badge styles

When altering the medal badge's design, it is important to incorporate the style that the customizer wants depending on how the product will be used, corporate tradition, and the spirit of competitions and activities.

It is also vital to assess the size and proportion of the medal badge products, as well as whether the size is coordinated, appropriate, and standard, to customize various product kinds by various scenarios.

3. Medal badge content

Typically, the corporate (school or organization) acronym, logo, theme, and other information make up the medal badge's personalized surface content. Don't let a surplus of information cause the medal badge's surface to become covered in the text. It should be as concise as feasible while correctly and fully expressing the motivation behind creating a medal badge.

4. Material for medal badges

According to the needs of the customizer, the production materials for medals must be chosen. The materials of gold, silver, and precious metals are more expensive as compared to medals made of conventional metals, gold, and silver. According to the requirements of various circumstances, the customizer can determine whether the medal is high-grade and what materials to use to make medals.

Crystal medals, for instance, are exquisite and come in a variety of shapes. Gold and silver medals, on the other hand, are more difficult to shape but are better suited for important and solemn locations. Acrylic medals are trendy, while wooden awards emphasize literary elements. Click here for dye black metal enamel pin.

5. Medal badge construction

The production procedure is varied due to the variety of materials used to make the medal badges. For instance, baking varnish and enamel technologies can be used to transform metal medal manufacture into exquisite medals with vibrant colors, a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and obvious patterns.

The surface can be plated with different metal hues, such as gold and nickel, and is smooth and delicate, giving people a very noble impression. Soft enamel and resin are utilized as coloring materials.

6. Details on medal badge

The specifics of customized medal badges can be seen in how the font is chosen, the type of medal wooden brackets, medal ribbons, etc. that are used to match the medal badges, and how the thickness of the medal badge, the width of the folded edge, the flat arched surface, and other factors are specifically taken into account by the requirements of each customized medal.


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