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Creating Custom Trading Pins

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trading pins

Trading baseball cards are about as common these days as a phone booth, but the passion for collecting and trading lives on in the custom trading pin designs that flood our inbox year after year. When sports teams get together for a game or a social gathering, they collect and exchange custom trading pins. There are thousands of different trading pin designs each season, with nearly every team sporting its custom trading pins. Badges-Pins covers various methods for creating a great custom trading pin for your team in today's post. Click here for Club Baseball Pins cheap price Trading pins.

How to Begin Making Custom Trading Pins

To get started, it's best to put down an initial concept and build from there. The inspiration for your trading pins should come from the team's common shared identity. Above all, don't think of your team's custom trading pins as a cherished tradition. Trading pins are used by coaches and organizers to help socialize their players and engage rivals on and off the field in a friendly manner. When used in this manner, a team's custom trading pin serves as a quick representation of its culture and personality; look for inspiration that draws on that culture.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Mascots and Team Themes: Every sports team, from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Green Bay Packers, has a theme at the heart of its personality and how it presents itself. Mascots are great trading pin inspiration because your team already uses them as public representatives of the team identity.

2. Hometown Pride: One of the most important aspects of any team's pride is having a place to call home. When you have a large group of kids or teammates who all come from the same neighborhood or school, incorporating that sense of geographical unity is a powerful way to both localize your trading pins and make them a more collectible souvenir when trading with other teams.

3. Competition and Sport: Few things are more unifying for teams and players than the sport or activity in which they all participate. Look for ways to reimagine or incorporate sports iconography that go beyond slapping a baseball on your pin for the best results.

Trading Pin Personalization

Have you completed your concept? It's time to start turning your ideas into designs. The most important aspects of your trading pins design are size, shape, and personalization. All of this will form the basis of your pin's design.

1. Size: In many cases, size is easiest, with most trading pins running around 1.75", which is larger than a standard enamel pin but an eye-catching size for trade or display.

2. Shape: We can make trading pins in almost any shape you can imagine. However, many designs feature sport-themed elements such as crossed bats over a diamond field, fierce-looking mascots, or a baseball.

3. Personalization: From your choice of plating and colors to more daring additions like danglers and glitter paint, we offer a plethora of ways to customize your trading pin for a flashier and more unique appearance.

Unlike our fashionable soft enamel or cloisonne pins, most trading pins are displayed or traded. This allows you to use larger and more flashy designs than you might otherwise.

Custom Trading Pin Team Spirit Add-Ons

With a full range of customization options, you can make your pin design stand out and become much more desirable by including options such as glitter enamel or glow-in-the-dark enamel. Badges-Pins will collaborate with you at every stage of production to ensure that the final look of your pin captures your team's passion and spirit.

1. Danglers: These are commonly used to represent the year of competition. Danglers are moving parts that are attached to the main design of your pin by a small metal ring, allowing them to swing freely when worn or displayed.

2. Spinners: Spinners, which are often shaped like a ball, bat, or mascot, are one-of-a-kind customization that adds a spinning metal design to your custom trading pin.

3. Flashers: Looking for some personality? Blinkers add a flashing LED light to your custom trading pins, animating your unique design day or night.

4. Glittering: Glitter paint, a popular addition to both our soft and hard enamel pins, is a quick way to add visual interest to your color scheme and an extra spark to the final look of your design.

5. Bobbles: A pin attachment that shakes back and forth like a bobblehead, bobbles motion over a design, making them a good way to add some character to mascot designs.

Order your custom trading pins as soon as possible

We recommend that all sports clients send ideas ahead of the game season to ensure that your team's trading pins arrive on time. It's all too easy to spend a long time rethinking your design and going over customizations, only to find that the clock is ticking when it comes to finalizing your order. We recommend ordering trading pins well in advance of the season's start date so you have plenty of time to redesign your pin and ensure your final pin looks exactly how you want it to look.

Badges-Pins customizes and personalizes custom trading pins for youth sports teams across the country. Each design we make is unique and special to each client because we stamp it out of a custom-made mold. Our team of designers works with you to create high-quality custom trading pins before the start of each game season and just in time for the playoffs, whether your mascot calls lions, Spartans, or local town champions.


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