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Custom Coins with Dual Plating: Combining Gold And Silver

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Gold Plated Challenge Coins

Each custom coin is one-of-a-kind in its way. However, many customers want their custom-minted coins to look more exceptional and truly stand out from the crowd in their collection. This is when we recommend dual-plated coins as a winning option. Their superior appearance is achieved through flawless embossing and expertly placed accents in 24K Gold and 999 Fine Silver. As a result, your personalized pieces have an extraordinary charm and aesthetic perfection, while initially reminding you of currency coins.

Badges-Pins has compiled useful information to help you decide whether bi-metal coins are right for you.

1. The Fundamentals of Making Coins with Dual Plating

Creating a custom coin design necessitates careful consideration of numerous factors. As an example, a coin designer working on a medal mockup will offer the client a variety of finishes. Today, we'll look at bi-metal production and dual-plating finishes. Scroll through the most frequently asked questions about dual-plated coins to find comprehensive answers.

2. What Do the Terms Dual-Plated and Bi-Metal Coins Mean?

Dual-plated coins have two colors because they have two different metals on their surface. The most common pairing is gold and silver. This precious metal combination is considered classic for this coin type and is the most sought-after. Rose gold and silver or gold are two less common metal compounds. A custom coin design can be minted into pieces of solid gold and silver. A coin manufacturer can also apply it to a base metal, which is then covered with an electroplating process. Through dual-plating, we achieve a bi-metal look. "Dual" because the coin finish is made of two different metals.

You may have also heard of double-plating. This term refers to another situation in which your custom-minted coin round is plated twice to ensure long-lasting plating.

3. How Do Bi-Metal Coins Look?

When discussing the appearance of coins with dual plating, it is necessary to mention the various finishes available. Our experts can polish, sandblast, or make the two metallic colors appear antique or matte. Take a look through our Coin Gallery to see which finish you prefer. In general, the polished or polished and matte versions appear quite modern and glossy, whereas an antique finish gives the medals a noble, aged appearance.

If you are unsure what to choose, please contact us and our coinage experts will gladly provide advice for your bi-metal coin project.

4. How are Dual-Plated Coins Made?

The most common method for achieving the two-metal look is two-step electroplating. It has distinct characteristics and a well-defined application algorithm.

When electroplating is used, freshly minted coins are ground and placed in a container containing a special solution containing the desired metal (gold or silver). An electric current is passed through the tank, causing a chemical reaction that results in the formation of an enduring layer of precious metal on the core metal surface of the custom-minted coins. It is critical to select a base metal that readily accepts plating and "holds on" to the particles.

After the first layer of metal plating has dried completely, our technicians apply a protective coating to the areas that should retain the original color. Following that, the pieces are galvanized again to add a second metal to the untreated areas of the coin's surface. As a result, coins with dual plating are produced.

Badges-Pins uses only the highest quality precious metals and cutting-edge technology to create bi-metal coins. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of coin sizes. Your custom-minted coins can range in size from 10 mm to 250 mm. Contact us to learn more about your custom coin design options.

5. Can I have Enamel Colors Added to My Dual-Plated Coins?

It is possible, but it is uncommon. When your coins with dual plating are finished with color, they take on an even more unusual and sophisticated appearance. Badge Specialists top of the differently plated areas of your coins, pins can highlight specific elements of the medal's design and cover them with either soft or hard enamel. When working with solid precious metals, keep in mind that any plating or addition of enamel color alters the purity of the used core material.

6. What is the base metal used to make dual-plated coins?

Everything is determined by the client's initial concept and preferences. Coins with dual plating can be made with any core, as long as the metal of choice accepts.999 Fine Silver with a 24K Gold plating. Despite this, bronze is the most commonly used core metal due to its valuable properties, low cost, excellent minting results, and acceptance of electroplating.

We can mint different areas of your coins from different core metals and assemble them if they are not double-plated. These coins are then referred to as bi-metal coins.

7. Is there a minimum order quantity for dual-plated coins?

No, there is no minimum order quantity for orders of coins with dual plating from Badges-Pins. Regardless of the finish and plating, our customers can purchase a small number of coins or even a single commemorative coin with their design.

8. How to Create Eye-Catching Coins with Dual Plating

We make every effort to provide a convenient and user-friendly experience for our customers. The creation of eye-catching designs is critical to overall client satisfaction. We need you to be able to visualize the result before we begin making your coin dies and producing your coins with dual plating.

Our coin designers are experts in their field. However, to create a harmonious and appealing coin design, they must first understand the customer's vision. The Coin Configurator, a handy, multifunctional tool, was created specifically for this purpose. You can use it to experiment with different finishes, add special coin edge treatments to your design, and even create alternate versions for later use.

You can also select sophisticated coin packaging to complement your coins with dual plating when using the Coin Configurator. Coins and frames combined will create an exquisite ensemble that the recipient will undoubtedly adore.

9. Bi-Metal or Coins with Dual Plating - Badges-Pins Perfectly Manufactures Them

Bi-metal coins and coins with dual plating are exquisite, customized collector's grade pieces due to their resemblance to numerous currency coins. They make an excellent commemorative gift or merit award. The combination of gold and silver, whether solid or plated, is always elegant and classy. Some details on the coin pattern can be highlighted with enamel colors at your discretion to add a touch of flair.

In any case, we will ensure that your double-plated coins have an unrivaled appearance. Please contact us so that our team can begin working on them right away!


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