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Custom Commemorative Coins

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1. 999 Fine Silver Custom Commemorative Coins with Embossed Citroen Image

The future appearance of the precious metal custom commemorative coins was discussed in depth. During this time, our team and a client decided to reflect both the car's current stunning appearance and the many years of effort that went into restoring it. Our coin designers worked hard to create a unique design for the silver custom commemorative coins.

The front side of the custom commemorative coins depicts a Citroen. It is extremely detailed. The custom commemorative coins depict all of the important details not only of the exterior but also of the interior of the collectible cabriolet. Custom commemorative coins gleam with a Latin inscription around the image of the Citroen — REDIVIVA E RVINIS REFLORESCIS GLORIA — to pay tribute to the effort involved in the restoration. "Risen from the ruins, once again blossoming with glory," it says in English.

We have written the full name of the vehicle and the time required to restore it on the back of the 999 silver custom commemorative coins. The client chose a suitable font for this purpose in collaboration with the designers. The custom commemorative coins now have a sophisticated and distinct appearance.

For a project, Badges-Pins minted 23 pure silver coins. The personalized commemorative coins were given to the customer as well as to those who helped with the restoration of the vintage car.

2. Citroen Custom Commemorative Silver Coins Honoring Dream Embodiment

Logo Engraved Monedas Commemorative Saint Michael Coins

In terms of design creation and actual mintage, the silver Citroen coins for a project were extremely interesting to us. It was a challenge to mint custom commemorative coins of such high quality, and we are proud to say that we met it. The precious metal custom commemorative coins, with their intricate designs, have become a highlight of our portfolio. Badges-Pins went to great lengths to pay homage to the monumental project of restoring a collector's vehicle with custom commemorative coins minted at our certified factory. We attempted to fulfill all of our client's requests so that his custom commemorative coins would look exactly as he desired. Badges-Pins handled the minting of custom commemorative coins with great care and attention to detail.

3. Commemorative Coins in Honor of Famous People

3.1 Get a Keepsake of Whomever Inspires You

Pay homage to the most eminent people of our time with commemorative coins minted by Badges-Pins. Your design is embossed on only the finest metals. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was a towering figure known and respected throughout the world. Are you interested in embossing commemorative coins in her honor to share with her fans?

Many people want to commemorate Elizabeth II's remarkable life and reign with a set of personalized commemorative coins. Badges-Pins is convinced that your design embossed on a coin will always have greater emotional value than any standard coin produced by other mints. We are excited to mint the design you have in mind, whether it is for Her Majesty the Queen or another celebrity.

3.2 Custom Coins Honoring VIP Achievements

The life of the glorious monarch of Great Britain ended on September 8, 2022, after she reigned the state for over 70 years. Queen Elizabeth II faithfully performed her royal duties and steadfastly followed the path of goodness, high moral principles, and dignity during her reign. The team at Badges-Pins is ready to manufacture beautiful coins made of precious metals, embossed with your custom design, featuring an image or famous quote of the celebrity on your memorial coin, honoring the longest-serving monarch or any other person of public interest. Please keep in mind that we can only mint images, quotes, and symbols for which you have obtained the rights.

Cooperation with our coin designers to ensure we achieve the best possible minting result with your design is included in the manufacturing of your Celebrity Commemorative Coins.

There are numerous options for coin refinement.

Regular sovereign coin measurements or an adjusted weight and size to perfectly fit your custom coin project;

Commemorative coin production begins with a single piece in our certified facility.

3.2.1. Custom-Designed Celebrity Coins

Our coinage team strongly supports the policy of full customization of our products whenever we begin work on a new commemorative coin project. Our graphic designers will work with you to perfect your vision for commemorative coins. For example, our coinage experts can later manufacture them in the metal of your choice.

If the idea of creating commemorative coins has crossed your mind but you don't yet have a concrete design idea, we'd be happy to provide you with the necessary guidance.

3.2.2. Be Creative and Make Your Commemorative Coins Stand Out

Badges-Pins offers complete coinage customization. We don't understand the term "standard." Instead, words like "creative", "unusual", "one-of-a-kind" and "stunning" predominate in our vocabulary. That is how we make all of our medals, including the coins commemorating Queen Elizabeth II.

Our commemorative coins gain a personal touch when fully customized. These mementos, for example, aid in remembering Queen Elizabeth II's life and reign. It is not permitted to emboss an image of the late Queen on medals. This applies to all members of the Royal Family as well as many other people of interest unless the project owner has a special license to use the image for that purpose. As a result, when we launch a commemorative coin project, we must ensure that all copyrights are respected. Click here for Logo Engraved Monedas Commemorative Saint Michael Coins.

Even though we cannot mint Queen Elizabeth's portrait on your coins, we promise to create a design you'll love to commemorate the United Kingdom's longest-serving monarch or any other celebrity who has captured your heart.

Let us suggest embossing with our premium polished plate finish, sandblasting the background, or even using enamel colors to highlight iconic details.

3.2.3 Achieve a Good Weight and Size for Your Celebrity Coins

Only you can decide how big and heavy your coins should be. We can mint custom celebrity coins in standard Sovereign coin or Silver Dollar sizes. We always recommend working with 1 Troy Ounce.999 Fine Silver or 24K Gold. However, we can make them in any size and weight that you require in our facility.

3.2.4. A Fully Customised Coin Run. Determine how many memorial coins you require.

You choose the quantity! Badges-Pins never limit the number of custom coins that customers can order. We will gladly complete even a single commemorative coin project. Remember that creating your coin dies is an art that requires time and expertise. When we mint a larger number of celebrity coins for you, the price per piece decreases. Contact our account managers today and they will assist you in selecting the appropriate features for your commemorative coins.


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