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Custom Medals: How to Use and Order?

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3D Musical Medal

Consider receiving a simple medal with no text, custom design, or details. It would almost certainly feel like an afterthought. Consider receiving an award that is highly personalized for you and your accomplishment, complete with quality enamel, raised details, and distinctive shapes. You would most likely feel honored and appreciated. So, how can you use custom award medals for your organization or event?

Custom award and finisher medals can feature personalization and one-of-a-kind characteristics that are appropriate for your special occasion and were designed with you, your stakeholders, teammates, athletes, or other awardees in mind.

We make ordering custom awards and finisher medals fast and easy when you need a simple approach to creating custom award medals and are considering various ways to use them.

Uses for Customized Medals

Custom award medals are an excellent way to recognize a diverse range of people. Here are some of the most common reasons for making these unique items. Summer and winter games, as well as local and regional tournaments, all result in Special Olympics medals. Junior Olympics medals are awarded for individual and team accomplishments at the local, regional, and national levels, as well as athletic tournament incentives. Award medals can be customized for every sport and tournament imaginable, from wrestling to amateur and professional boxing to basketball. Medals for sports invitationals and conferences with individual and team competitions such as track, baseball, volleyball, and others can be designed by sports leaders and team captains.

The following are some medal options for schools, corporations, small businesses, and fundraising:

1. Spelling bees to recognize the top-scoring contestants

2. Student council awards and accomplishments in student recognition

3. Regional, state, and national competitions for bands, orchestras, and choirs.

4. Debate and speech competitions at the local, regional, and state levels

Corporate/small business: End-of-year sales awards and retreats, as well as other sales achievements


1. Non-profit membership honors, such as years of service and volunteer hours recognition

2. Marathons and fun runs or walks that award medals to all participants, not just the winners.

3. Other fundraising contests

Whatever your custom award medal requirements are, working with PinProsPlus and our quality designs, service, and manufacturing will assist you in finalizing your custom award medal order.

How to Make Your Own Finisher or Award Medals

If you've ever made custom award medals for an event, company team, athletic group, organization members, or honorary leaders, you know how important it is to have a simple process that allows you to customize the medals as needed. Here are some things to think about when ordering custom awards and finisher medals.

Choose your preferred size, which is usually between 1 and 5 inches. Keep in mind that pricing is determined by size and quantity. Choose between a one-sided and a two-sided medal. The vast majority of medals are on only one side. How many medals are required? Think about how many you'll need for your event or group. Can the medals be used for multiple events or in the future?

Choose a look

We have a wide range of styles and finishes available for your medal designs. We can make your design or vision come to life with the help of our designers. You can be assured of a perfect medal from our team if you choose the right style and finish.

1. Soft enamel will reveal all of your medal's details and valleys.

2. A flat, smooth surface with a classic "gleam" will characterize hard enamel.

3. Die struck refers to the traditional metal type that resembles a raised coin.

4. Diecast gives your design the option of a one-of-a-kind custom cutout shape and design.

Material color and finish options include shiny gold, shiny silver, antique gold, and others. Our finish options are available on our website at Badges-Pins. Choose how many additional colors you want your medals to have in your design. Be aware that having too many colors can be expensive and may not be feasible due to manufacturing constraints.

Remember to include a neck ribbon with your medals. Choose a ribbon width ranging from 75 to 1.5 inches or something in between. You can also add a custom design or text to the color of your choice of neck ribbon. Choose the best ribbon length and loop type (round or wide). The average length of a neck ribbon is about 30 inches. Related peoduct: Sport Double Side Medal with Ribbon.

We offer special packaging to make your award or finisher medal presentation even more memorable, such as poly plastic bags, velvet bags, velvet boxes, or clear plastic boxes.

It's that simple! Now that you know how to make custom medals, consider some of the applications for custom medals.

Finalizing Your Order for Custom Medals

We offer custom medals that will surely please everyone when you need a way to reward team captains, champions, debate, and tournament leaders, or anyone who has accomplished something great. We are confident that your award or finisher medals will inspire pride in you, your employees, your team members, and your winners.

Finalizing and receiving your order will be like winning a major race, as you will be able to present medals that your recipients will appreciate and wear with distinction.


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