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Customized Shiny Medals for Exciting Races

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Custom your own Medals

Medals must be included in the awards sections if you are hosting a competition. You will need high-quality customized medals to recognize the winner's outstanding achievement while also promoting your organization's name. Check out this post for more information on race medals.

What exactly is a medal?

A medal, also known as a medallion, is a small portable artistic item that is typically a thin metal disc with a pattern on both sides. They usually serve a commemorative purpose, and many are given as rewards. They can be worn or hung from clothing or jewelry in some way. They can be die-cast in a mold or struck by dies like a coin.

A medal can be awarded to a person or organization in recognition of their athletic, military, scientific, cultural, intellectual, or other accomplishments. Many types of state decorations have more specific titles, such as military decorations and awards. Medals can also be sold to honor specific people or events, or as works of art.

The historian Josephus writes long after the event that in the fourth century BCE, the High Priest Jonathan led the Hebrews in aid of Alexander Balas and that in return, Alexander "sent to Jonathan. honorary awards, as a golden button, which it is customary to give the king's kinsmen."

Genuine gold coins, as well as these, were frequently set into jewelry worn by both sexes.

To retain or gain the favor of an influential person, sovereigns, nobles, and later intellectuals began commissioning medals to be delivered as simple gifts to their political friends in Europe beginning in the late Middle Ages. The awards were made in a variety of metals, depending on the recipient's position, including gold, silver-gilt, silver, bronze, and lead.

The obverse would typically feature the donor's head, surrounded by their name and title, and the reverse would feature their symbol, with a learning phrase written around the margins. They can be as wide as three inches. Although they could have been worn as pendants on chains, these medals were not always intended to be worn. The tradition of explicitly awarding military awards to fighters arose from the creation of medals to commemorate specific events, such as military conflicts and victories, in the 16th century. Initially, only a few of the far more senior commanders received these medals.

Why Do Racers Require Medals?

The primary reasons for awarding medals are to recognize hard work, create a pleasant learning environment, and increase individual motivation. A medal after a performance can boost confidence because it provides positive reinforcement linked to a set of performance indicators. If you want to win the sprint next month, for example, looking at medals will motivate you to give it your all in the arena.

Another benefit of awarding trophies is that it may promote a positive learning environment. Players will feel recognized for their efforts if they are rewarded for strong performances and good bits of play. As a result, they will seek to grow and become better people and players.

Another advantage of using Trophies to recognize effort is that it increases motivation. If you set a goal for a group or a group of people and award a prize or trophy to the person who achieves it, they will be more motivated to achieve it.

Why is a tournament incomplete if no medals are awarded?

Imagine Usain Bolt holding nothing after that insane 958, or Michael Phelps not wearing all eight medals at the same time.

I'm sure these photos won't mean much to them because they've taken so many in their lives.

Medals are what bring those winning smiles to life. Without winners wearing medals, any racing tournament feels lifeless.

So I won't go into detail about how important medals are in the games.

The custom of awarding medals to winners dates back to the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. The winner of first place received a silver medal, second place received a bronze medal, and third place received nothing. The now-famous gold, silver, and bronze medal tradition began in 1904 at the Olympic Games in St. Louis.

How and why are medals awarded in tournaments?

Every Olympics, we witness some of the world's best athletes ascend to the podium and accept medals as prizes. Silver is awarded for finishing second, bronze for finishing third, and gold for winning. Have you ever wondered why gold is at the top of the food chain? What exactly makes this metal more valuable than silver or bronze?

Gold medals were not awarded to winners of Olympic competitions until the games in St. Louis in 1904. Previously, winners received silver medals, with bronze for second place and copper for third. The winner of the ancient Olympic games received an olive branch wreath.

The scarcity of the individual metals used to create today's gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Three metals used to make Olympic medals are found in the same column of the periodic table. This suggests that they share many of the same characteristics that make them suitable raw materials for making medals. Keep in mind that the majority of bronze is composed of copper. Copper, the least rare metal, is ranked third because it is at the top of the column. Copper is in second place, one rung below silver, which is rarer. Gold is the rarest of the three and ranks first because it is one position lower on the column than silver.

Gold has additional characteristics that make it ideal for awards and a valuable asset.

It has no corrosive properties. In contrast to metals like aluminum or steel, which can rust, gold retains its luster and has no interaction with the things around it.

Because determining the purity of gold is simple, it is also simple to spot fakes.

There is only one type of gold. Diamonds, for example, have a variety of characteristics and flaws that distinguish certain gems from others. Gold is consistent and almost always gold. It is simple to melt and shape it into shapes such as bars, coins, and medals.

However, keep in mind that the amount of gold in a medal does not determine its value. The medal serves as a reminder that the athlete worked hard while competing against the best in the world. That is invaluable. As a result, few medalists are likely to sell their trophies.

Running Awards

Running competitions are among the most popular outdoor activities, with participants receiving commemorative medallions. These medals can range from participation and finisher medals to first--, second, and third-place medals for different age groups. These awards are frequently kept as mementos and reminders of a job well done, making them some of the most sought-after aspects of the day. Related product: Sport Double Side Medal with Ribbon.

Make your medals

Planning an event is a lot of work. Still, when you see the happy, tired faces of your triathlon, bike, or run participants, you'll know it was well worth the effort to organize a race that promotes competitiveness and fitness in your community. And, because participants have been training for your race for months, logging miles, swimming laps, and checking the Strava accounts of potential competitors, honoring their efforts and remembering their experiences by giving out personalized running medals is much appreciated.


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