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Fandom Culture Pin Inspiration

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Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

When you stop to think about it, everyone is a member of at least one fandom. Consider a show you're obsessed with, a video game you've played for 8 hours straight, a book genre you adore, or a TV show you watch religiously.

Yes, you undoubtedly belong to one or more fandoms, and one of the greatest joys of belonging to one is expressing your enthusiasm for it with others. As a result, every company that releases them creates a range of official products, including posters, screensavers, T-shirts, and, yes, even custom-made pins.

After all, pins are the most popular collector's item this decade (maybe except for rare coins). If you're interested in fandom pins or simply want a pin that expresses your fandom, here are a few ideas:

Television Programs

Because we are more cautious about stepping outside these days, we have more time to catch up on our favorite shows. Consider pins based on Stranger Things, The Simpsons, and other notable TV shows you've seen and enjoyed. You can build fandom pins of those popular characters, a favorite statement, or a one-of-a-kind symbol that instantly refers to those shows.


Companies in the gaming sector can also benefit from including collectible pins as a gift in their limited edition package. Hardcore players will tell you that the gaming community is large and well-connected. You can ask that friend who has spent a lot of time with a headset and a game during this lockdown. They would gladly have a fandom pin made of their favorite characters from games such as Call of Duty, Legend of Zelda, Nintendo, FIFA, and League of Legends, to name a few.

Comic books and graphic novels

Reading books may not appear to be as popular as watching movies, but there is still a small group of individuals who enjoy it. If you belong to this group, you can be a more outspoken supporter. Fandom pins featuring your favorite authors, book characters, quotations, and genres are available. You'd be shocked at how many there are. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can order a bespoke fandom pin to commemorate your book fandom. Hearty congratulations to book authors whose works have caught our imaginations impacted our lives, and shaped us into the people we are today.


Although not all heroes wear capes, we adore our caped heroes. Because of the success of a few hero movies, any limited edition hero-themed products can easily be talked about by fans, so keep a stock of products on hand. What keeps you from buying a fandom pin of your favorite superhero as an avid fan?

Bands & Music

Lyrics with soul, rap, metal, and everything in between. Whatever your speed is, music is a powerful influence in our life. I have to admit that the devotion to music and music bands is one of the most devoted out there. They have posters, social media networks, and enamel fandom pins to boot. Fans, whether popular or underground, deserve a little piece of that band's affection shown through posters, clothing, and, of course, pins.

Fan Groups

While we're on the subject of fandoms, why not make one for your fan club? When the initial box is filled with exclusive things, the membership feels much more official, and you may make an enamel pin as a mainstay for welcome recruits into the group.

Are you thinking of using pins as a giveaway for your next product release? Badges-Pins can affix a pin to it; discover more about our soft enamel pins here.


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