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Five Outstanding Benefits of Awarding Custom Medals

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Award Medal With Ribbon

One of the most memorable and distinctive features of your event may be the premium custom medals. Check out these five wonderful advantages of awarding personalized medals at your event:

1. Your Event Is Different From Others

One of your best marketing tools is the medals you distribute. Making a stunning, custom-designed award that impresses your participants will help them form a connection with your event and encourage them to return to earn more distinctive medals.

For example, if the martial arts tournament they competed in last month gave winners a simple award ribbon and you're rewarding participants with an ornate, two-tone custom medal they've never seen before, guess which award they'll want to show off and which tournament they'll return to?

2. Enhances Name Recognition

This is related to point number one. Participants who are proud of their accomplishment (and the medal they received) want to flaunt it. Most events are social, and communities of runners, swimmers, and martial artists—whatever your event is—talk to one another. The better your medal, the more likely it is that new people will hear about your event and want to participate to receive one as well. Such as Sports Running 5k Medal Half Marathon Finisher Award Medal With Ribbon Hanger 5K Medal.

3. Increases Professionalism

You do not need to be the organizer of the New York City Marathon to provide your runners with an NYC Marathon experience. Your medal is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Providing a quality custom medal that is unique and sophisticated adds a sense of professionalism that elevates the status of your event and impresses your participants, whether you're organizing an event that is still in its early years or something that has been around for decades.

4. Becomes a Collector's Item

This one is straightforward: if your medal is appealing, some participants will seek it out and collect it in the same way that they would coins, stamps, or baseball cards. Do you think those people will make a point of attending your event if your medal is too simple, boring, and looks like many other medals?

5. Gains media attention and recognition

Finally, and this is related to marketing, your event is likely to be covered in local or regional news as well as on social media. Medals and awards will almost certainly be highlighted, especially if there is an awards ceremony.

Beautiful medals, of course, attract attention! Positive responses to your awards equal positive responses to your event.

6. The Incredible Advantages of Custom Medals

Many event directors share the goal of increasing registrations and attracting sponsors, and offering custom medals is one of the most effective ways to do both.

Finally, these five advantages of custom medals help drive event registrations. This means not only more revenue but also more brand exposure for sponsors.

Please contact us if you want to award participants with an incredible custom medal at your event.



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