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How do you deal with a damaged metal coin?

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Top Quality Shield Shape Gold Coins

If there is no issue with the approach you want, it will not harm gold and silver coins in general. What if something goes wrong with the gold and silver coins? Under normal circumstances, gold and silver coins are difficult to clean. If you need to clean them, it is preferable to leave them to the professionals at the coinage or distribution agency. As a Coins Antique Wholesale, here are some tips for keeping gold and silver coins in good condition.

When gold and silver coins are sipped, you can hold the teeth of the coins, place them in clean, pure water, soak them for approximately 30 minutes, then rush for 1 minute in tap water before placing them on the new, high-grade soft web. Use the same roll of the soft web to gently cover the coins after they have been rinsed, and use your palm's thickest part to gently press the soft web against the coins. Before placing the coins in the coin plastic box, always move to a dry area, deal with the watermarks and watermarks on the coins several times, use your ears to blow for a while, and make sure the coins are dry.

When there is dust on the coin's surface, only use the ear wash ball to blow it away. Do not use your mouth to blow it. Blow it with your mouth, and the saliva will pollute the coin's mirror surface. Cannot be wiped with a cotton swab or a cotton ball, and a rub will leave a scratch on the coin's mirror surface.

When watching coins, you can only take the coins' edges.

If you inadvertently press the fingerprints, you should deal with them right away. The sooner and more quickly you deal with the coin damage, the less you can use your hands or cotton wool. Place the coin with the fingerprint on the diluted hand sanitizer for a few minutes before cleaning it with saliva.

What should you do if your Metal Coin Custom is damaged?

Customized Gold Coin

The surface of the Gold Coin Custom has a small red dot. If the red color does not turn black, you can burn it with a special lighter. Before burning the coin, check to see if there are any stains on the surface. If there are stains, clean them first, then burn them. Otherwise, the stains will burn into carbides and become difficult to remove. When burning, concentrate the flame and shake it at the red dot. Turn off the lights as soon as the red dot disappears. Place the coin in the plastic box once it has cooled. Otherwise, the hot coins will melt the plastic box and make handling the coins difficult. Related product: Top Quality Shield Shape Gold Coins.

Custom Metal Coin

Coin made of metal The custom surface has stains that cannot be removed with hand sanitizer. It can only be disposed of individually. Imported gold water is used to clean gold coins. The gold wash water is a mixture of various acids. Dip the gold coins in the solution for a few seconds, then immerse them in tap water for 3 minutes before removing the water with the watermark. The gold spot erythema becomes black and must be washed in gold wash water, dried, and then burned with the erythema. Some gold coins have spent a long time in a harsh environment. There are gray materials on the surface that can be washed with cold water as well.

Silver coins

With imported silver-washed water, silver coins are cleaned. The silver coins should be briefly dipped in the solution, then submerged in tap water for three minutes (wash as thoroughly as possible; failing which, the silver coins will turn yellow), after which the water should be drained. Coins made of palladium and platinum are tarnished and cannot be cleaned with gold or silver. Otherwise, a layer of gray will cover the platinum and palladium coins, causing them to tarnish. It can only be cleaned with hand sanitizer that has been diluted, rinsed with water, and then blotted.


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