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How do you make a badge?

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Gold, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel, and other electroplating effects can be applied to the badge's surface. It has concavity and convexity of the pattern, as well as concise and smooth lines. To enhance the product's richness, surface color techniques such as baking varnish, enamel, and printing can be used. Because badges have so many different characteristics, how are they made? Let us investigate.

Create the badge's style and pattern

Create the badge's style and pattern first. The customer can create their badge design. The manufacturer can create the badge page. The badge design provided by the customer does not meet the processing requirements. If the modification is deemed unreasonable, the customer may confirm the badge. The CDR file is commonly used.

Manufacturers create badge molds, then use CDR to import the calculated badges into the engraving machine program and engrave the badge molds. After the badge molds have been engraved, they must be heat treated to increase their hardness and durability.

Suppression of badges

Emblem pressing is the process by which an emblem mold is installed on the workbench of a punching machine or a hydraulic press and the emblem pattern is transferred to metal material. To blank and punch a badge, first, make a die of the badge shape and then use a punch to flush the product according to its shape.

Badge surface polishing

Polish the badge's surface, remove the stamped shape burrs after the badge is cut, and improve the badge's surface finish. The badge must then be electroplated. The badge is electroplated to the customer's specifications. The surface of the badge can be plated with gold, silver, nickel, copper, and so on, and then the color on the badge can be finished and baked at a high temperature to improve colorfastness. This step results in the creation of a complete badge that meets the needs of the customer.

Meet the requirements of the customer's badge

The badges produced must be packaged according to customer specifications, and they must be consigned by logistics or sent to the customer. To ensure that clients obtain satisfying badge items, we also presented them with suitable badges when manufacturing anniversary souvenirs for the KFC Anniversary Company, allowing more employees to express their individuality.

Each badge must be produced strictly through the installation and fabrication of the badge. If you are interested in our Kunshan Shudan Arts and Crafts Co.Ltd. products and want to work with us on badge manufacture, please contact us, and then we welcome more people to visit our website to see more badge items, which is https://www.badges-pins.com.


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