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How much do you know about commemorative medals?

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Dyed Black Metal Coins For Commemorative

What is a commemorative medals?

Commemorative medals are chapter-shaped items with commemorative significance, such as badges and collection medals, as well as decorative medals in three categories. Medals of awards for meritorious service differ from commemorative medals in that the commemorative meaning is stronger. Military commemorative medals are usually related to major battles or events in our country, and as long as participation in historical events can be obtained, a small commemorative medal is to remember the history.

What is the significance of the value of commemorative medals?

1. Collection value

The relevant departments have publicly issued commemorative medals for collection and investment. There are two types of commemorative medals: ordinary material commemorative medals and precious metal material commemorative medals.

Commemorative medals are a historical period of political, economic, and cultural witnesses, reflecting the period of the social state, cultural trends, and people's way of thinking. The value of a collection is determined by the content, level of artistic design, and craftsmanship level of the commemorative medals. Commemorative medals and other collectibles, when compared to material goods, are easy to save, have condensed historical stories, and have investment prospects and appreciation potential. Click here to know Dyed Black Metal Coins For Commemorative.

2. Military Significance

In our country, military commemorative medals are issued to commemorate major battles, events, and other badges. The People's Liberation Army the troops issued commemorative medals, unified by the Central Military Commission or the People's Liberation Army General Political Department approved the production.

During the period of the Land Revolutionary War, the "Dongjiang Riot Commemorative Badge", the "Fujian, Zhejiang, and Gan Border Region Commemorative Badge for Perseverance in the Struggle", and the "10th Anniversary of the Red Army Commemorative Badge" were issued.

During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the 8th Route Army units in Jiluyu issued the "Commemorative Medal for Eight Years of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression", and the 8th Route Army units in Yan'an and Liaodong Military Districts issued the "Commemorative Medal for Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and Victory Against Japanese Aggression", and so on.

During the liberation war, many military districts and field armies issued commemorative medals to commemorate the victories in combat zones and battles.

What is the significance of the pattern elements of the medallion?

Commemorative medals are designed to be solemn and atmospheric, simple and bright, with strong historical inheritance as well as the distinctive features of the new era.

1. Yellow River

The flowing mother river implies that the great national spirit centered on patriotism is the decisive factor for the victory in the war of resistance;

2. Olive branch

Symbolizes peace and expresses the reverence for war heroes, martyrs, and people from all walks of life who contributed to the victory in the war of resistance;

3. Radiance

Symbolizes great victory and high honor, and implies the bright prospect of realizing the Chinese dream and the peaceful development of the world.

4. Dove of Peace

The dove of peace is a symbol of peace, friendship, unity, and holiness. As a messenger of peace, the dove is also one of the essential roles in the world's major prosperity.

Commemorative medal shape:

1. Round, oval, square badges

Of course our most common are mainly round badges, square badges, and oval badges, they can be combined with other shapes, we are most common in the production of badges.

2. Lettering, flag, and cap badges

The pattern on the badge is by the font shape or flag shape to badge production, this type of badge is mostly found in the corporate logo, the Communist Youth League, and state departments.

3. Shaped badges

These kinds of badges are mostly made to meet the various needs of customers, such as imitation animal three-dimensional badges, cartoon character badges, fan-shaped badges, imitation star (heart) badges, and so on. Customers can design different badges based on their favorite shape, and use different badge technology to create different badges to demonstrate the effect.

Of course, there are other badge shapes besides those mentioned above. The badge production process is becoming increasingly advanced; however, if you want the badge, you will be unable to obtain it. If you require personalized medals and badges, we will provide the best service to meet your needs.


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