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How to Adorn Your Challenge Coin

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Cheap 3d Metal Coins Collection Metal Antique Coin

Do you consider accessories to be an important part of your wardrobe? Accessories can quickly update traditional styles while also adding class and flair to your outfit. Coins, believe it or not, are no exception! Can I personalize my challenge coin? Accessories play an important role in transforming a standard, traditional coin into something unique.

Yes, you can accessorize your challenge coins with our numerous options, and we can also provide customers with the ultimate customization add-ons. Adding edge text, special edge cutting, photos, and other coin accessories to your coin design can be a fun way to personalize it.

Choosing various accessories to accompany your coins is a fun and exciting process. Let's go over some of our favorite options for taking pieces to the next level! Click here for Cheap 3d Metal Coins Collection Metal Antique Coin.

Text on the Edge

To begin, adding text along the edge of a coin is a one-of-a-kind way to add a personalized touch. There are two methods for adding edge text to a coin. There are numerous ways to use personalization to make your design truly unique.

Laser-Engraved Edge Text: For coins that require different inscriptions, we use laser-engraved edge text. We use this method, for example, to number limited-edition coins and coins with personalized names.

Stamped Edge Text: We use stamped edge text for pieces that will all have the same text engraved on them. This procedure results in greater relief. This process necessitates the use of an additional die mold, making it a better choice for customers who intend to reorder.

Edge Trimming

Edge-cutting is another option. Edge cutting will add a lovely cut pattern around the edge of one or both sides of your piece. The standard flat-cut edge is the most common on challenge coins. This classic look is lovely, but if you want to jazz up the design of your coin, we have several options for you. Flat cut, flat wave, Spur cut, Oblique Line, and Crosscut design edge are some edge-cutting options that can enhance your design. We also have the option of incorporating a rope edge into your design, which is incorporated into the die mold. The rope edge is an excellent choice for military designs.

Edge-cut designs can significantly improve the appearance and feel of your coin. These edges give the perfect accessory a high-quality finished look that will stand out among any coin collection.

Epoxy Finishing

A clear epoxy coating, in addition to providing protection, can give the coin a silky-smooth appearance and feel. You can get the look and feel of a hard enamel finish without the extra cost of using epoxy coating. Customers can have one or both sides epoxied with us. This coating can provide an additional layer of protection to the finish of your prized coin. The special epoxy coating will not yellow over time, as the old coat did. On all of our products, a new non-yellowing compound will be used.

Attachment for Keychain

Adding a keychain attachment to the coin makes it ideal for everyday use and makes an excellent gift. The keychain attachment can be added using a loop at the top of your coin design. We can add a link attachment or a split ring loop to the coin directly. This accessory allows you to carry your coin design with you wherever you go. For the best of both worlds, combine the keychain attachment with the epoxy coating.

Bottle Opener

With a wave of our magic wand, we can transform your personalized coin into a one-of-a-kind bottle opener. Making coins into functional tools is an excellent way to add flair to your design. This option allows you to use your club, organization, or favorite team's design. The bottle opener option is a unique way to commemorate any occasion or event. With this accessory, you can pop open a bottle and have a good time.


Sometimes less is more, which is why we provide cutout options to create a variety of simple shapes. This option will employ our diecast method, which enables custom cutouts or deep inner cuts. The cutout option also allows you to create custom shapes in any style. Say goodbye to the standard round coin, as this accessory will undoubtedly make your coin stand out from the crowd. We can even go one step further and design a spinner coin with a movable center.

Photographic Dome

There is a 3D option for coins with images of faces or objects, but adding a photo dome or offset print to your coin will allow you to include a real photo of that special person or object you want to honor. Getting the look and details of a human face in standard 2D or even 3D can be difficult.

With the photo dome/offset printing option, you can use an existing photo to create the most accurate and perfect representation. With the clear epoxy dome coating, the image can be added to the center of the coin.

Plating in Two Tone

Finally, you can choose two-tone plating. Is it true that two is better than one? Yes, when it comes to coins. On a coin, we can use two different metal finishes. Gold, silver, copper, and black nickel in any combination. Gold and silver are the most common and eye-catching two-tone combinations.

The two-tone finish can be used on the coin's edge or to highlight specific text. Each side of your coin can even have a different metal finish. Our various metal finishes provide customers with numerous design options and can also really highlight a coin.


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