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How to Create a Project for Custom-Made Commemorative Medals?

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Commemorative medals are medals that not only commemorate anniversaries, events, or people, but also serve as trademarks for the individuals, businesses, and organizations that issue and distribute these medals. This is why medal designs must be exceptional, one-of-a-kind, and prepared to meet our standards. The solution is to order custom-made commemorative medals, but how do you do that? Our experience gained from implementing thousands of projects, many of which were custom-made commemorative medals, enabled us to identify elements that are critical for such medals. We all know that poor design can degrade even the best craftsmanship and decorative sleeves. That is why we have created a set of guidelines to assist you in developing your idea for exceptional commemorative medals.

The most important aspect of commemorative medals is the occasion

What distinguishes commemorative medals from sports medals is, above all, the occasion - an obvious distinction that is sometimes overlooked. A clearly defined occasion makes the purpose of issuing a medal clear from the start, and recipients need only one glance to understand why it was given to them. Thus, when developing a commemorative medal concept, consider what is most important - an occasion for issuing a medal (e.g., an anniversary, an important event, achieving a goal, etc.). Related product: Rose Gold Plating Award Sport Medals.

A distinguishing feature of a graphic element

Another important factor to consider when developing a design concept for a commemorative medal is the main graphic element that will serve as its distinguishing feature. It is an element that is strongly associated with an occasion or, for example, the location where a medal will be presented (in the case of commemorative medals presented by city offices), a company, or an institution presenting a medal.

Graphic elements added to the medal design

Your commemorative medal design does not have to be limited to a single graphic element. You can also consider additional elements, such as logotypes, to strengthen the association of the medal with your company, city, or institution while preparing it.

Dates, numbers, and texts

3D commemorative medals project important elements of medals such as texts, numbers, and dates. You can mark the occasion for issuing a medal and indicate the location and purpose of giving it to someone while preparing your text. Remember the relevant texts, numbers, and dates to be found on the medal when creating an idea for it.

Design can be single or double-sided

Remember to consider the reverse side of a medal when developing a design concept. You can, of course, limit yourself to one side and leave the other flat, but the other side may come in handy if you want to add more graphics or text to the medal.

The shape of commemorative medals made to order

Medals' attractiveness is also influenced by their shape. Medals became commonplace as flat discs, but the advancement of manufacturing technology, combined with creativity, influenced the appearance of new, more interesting forms. When planning your custom-made commemorative medals, you can select other shapes, such as rectangular or irregular, that are tailored by the graphic elements of the design.

Other characteristics of commemorative medals

Furthermore, when creating a design, the form of a medal - whether it is to be made in 3D or in 2D - as well as the color scheme can be considered. Not only can you select different colors for the medal itself, but you can also cover its elements with special paints to emphasize its uniqueness even more.

Accessories are important in addition to the medal

If you consider all of the aforementioned factors when developing a commemorative medal concept, you can be certain that your medal will be one-of-a-kind. However, the process does not end with the project itself, because in the case of commemorative medals, additional accessories, such as specially fitted cases, can make them even more prestigious. Elegant boxes will enhance the prestige of your medals, and you can also outfit them with engraved badges containing additional information. We hope that our brief guide has inspired you to come up with your commemorative medal design. As their manufacturer, we can create commemorative medals that are tailored to your specifications. Don't worry if you don't have it; our team of graphic artists will create one for you based on your specifications. If you are looking for a custom-made commemorative medals manufacturer, please contact us.



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