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How to design a good-looking pin badge?

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metal pin

1. Learn about pin badges

Before we can make a pin, we have to design it first, which is not easy. The reason lapel pins are difficult to design is that there are not always standards, they require imagination when designing, and the skills of the designer are tested.

Don't think you have to pay a designer to make this one. This is very annoying. Other designers haven't worked hard on the design yet until this one is designed. Designers sometimes have to think long hours and fight through the night to achieve better results. Here is Cute Girl Cooper Plated Hard Enamel Lapel Pin.

2. The design of pin badges

Manufacturers can not only help you create lapel pins but also design exquisite effects. In some cases, even more, effects can be designed. Users can select their preferred type. When designing a pin, there are several things to consider, such as what elements are used in the design. If the theme elements are not properly chosen, there will be no subsequent design. In some cases, the user may provide some material, but what is the gist and representative of that material? This requires the designer to think about it.

The rationale is that you'll end up with a better general design idea. A general design idea is not enough, the filling must be optimized step by step. We need to design this thing in a way that everyone feels comfortable and everyone feels this is authentic. Designers are therefore expected to have good basic design skills and a certain level of understanding of art.

It's difficult to say exactly what the pin's product design looks like. Because the designer's mindset is indeed unstable. As a friend who is not interested in design, I may not know what is going on in the designer's head. idea. But one thing is certain: designing a pin that everyone will recognize is no easy task. For example, the outline of the medal to be designed, the stability of the structure, the meaning, the aesthetics, etc. are taken into consideration when designing. In addition, there are many other things to consider, such as color matching.


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