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How to Display Challenge Coins

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3D double side challenge coins gold palted badges

Some of us find happiness in the most insignificant things, whether it's a child's grin or a sizable collection of personalized challenge coins. If you collect challenge coins, you understand how rewarding it is to display each one and admire it. But did you realize that each challenge coin has a backstory? The 17th Infantry Regiment issued the earliest challenge coin. But many thought it predated the 1950s even further.

Therefore, if you accumulate challenge coins, you'll need a nice place to store them. "Display" enters the picture at this point. If you're just starting, you need a unique challenge coin display box to fit your needs.

What, however, constitutes a fantastic coin display case? Aesthetics? Function? Whatever the case, there are numerous challenge coin display possibilities. To exhibit all the coins you've gathered over the years, you can opt for a single, sizable display. Additionally, you might choose a smaller box to display that one special coin that represents your entire career in coin collecting.

Here are various alternatives for displaying challenge coins to make them stand out.

Coin Display Case

If you have a sizable collection of personalized challenge coins, a coin case display is ideal. The display is composed of dark-colored wood that is coated on the interior with a velvet covering. To accommodate the coins, grooves have been cut into the interior of this display.

This display case features a glass door, which allows others to examine your collection without having to touch it. They only need to look into the case to view the coins.

This style of coin display box is ideal for the home or workplace. It also comes with a facility for mounting it on a wall or a desk. Because of its large size, I recommend mounting this coin box on the wall.

Displaying Coins on a Slant

Recall how we discussed larger coin display cases for sizable coin collections. A tabletop slant top coin display would be ideal for you if you have a sizable challenge coin collection.

It can hold up to 80 challenge coins without detracting from the aesthetic. It's a wonderful addition to your desktop when it's full.

When filled, the slant-top coin display, which is typically constructed of elegant wood like walnut, looks gorgeous. When it isn't full, though, it can not have the desired visual effect.

Several-Tier Pyramid Case

You will adore this case if you enjoy ornate gestures. Of the two cases mentioned above, it is the most elaborate coin display case.

This coin display is built in the shape of a pyramid, with a wide base and a narrow peak. It may comprise as few as three layers for showing coins.

The pyramid layer allows you to display coins from all angles, which gives it an advantage over the other display options. You can see all of the coins on one display or install it on your desk or wall like the two displays above. However, this show is larger and more elaborate than the others.

Holder for the Wall Made of Wood

A wooden wall holder with a customizable structure shows off the coins in all their glory. It is the best display case for displaying a big number of coins. It can even store more than 50 coins without becoming clogged.

Finding the ideal display for your coin collection does not have to be complicated. Custom challenge coins aren't meant to be stored; instead, put them on display and let people appreciate them. You can also add to your collection of custom challenge coins by growing them.


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