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How to Keep Enamel Pins Looking New

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Custom Hard Enamel Silver Plated

You can maintain your pins looking new by cleaning them carefully and correcting any damage that develops.

How do you keep enamel pins safe? The first tip is to avoid using home cleaners because they contain strong chemicals that might damage the color and luster of your pins. To keep your jewelry in good condition, employ jewelry cleaning and maintenance equipment.

Before attempting to clean or repair a pin, it is critical to remember that for classic or collection items, the process of "fixing" them may devalue them in the eyes of other collectors. For all others, the filth from regular use can be easily removed using a microfiber or other soft cloth. When not in use or displayed, you can keep your pins safely kept so that their surface remains blemish-free.

Even the most dedicated pin collector can have an accident in which a valued pin is damaged in some way. Most problems can be handled with or temporarily resolved until a permanent solution can be implemented. For more serious difficulties, you can also locate a local professional who may be able to assist you in restoring your favorite item.

We all have a collection of soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins. If you want them to appear as good as the day you put them on, but the wear and tear of years proudly displayed is beginning to show, don't worry. We've got a few pointers to help you keep your favorite pins looking great.

Maintain Simplicity

If you detect dust or other material sticking to your enamel pins, wipe them down with a cotton towel. Because there are dips on the surface, soft enamel is more prone to accumulation, but it is also more easily scratched. Instead of scrubbing, use delicate swiping strokes to remove the paint.

A dry towel can be used to clean stubborn enamel. If there are any visible stains, dampen the cloth with warm water. To avoid the metal from rusting, always fully dry the pin before storing it.

Metal Plating Tarnish Removal

Sometimes the metal begins to tarnish due to humidity in the air or other natural processes. The discoloration will be visible along the metal detail lines of enamel-painted pins. A gentle cloth and jewelry polish will usually restore the metal's luster.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Making a routine to wipe off pins placed in cases or on cloth flags makes it easier to remove the buildup of dirt or debris. This is also an excellent time to inspect for any new damage, such as loose backings, so that it may be repaired if necessary. Pins that you wear every day should be examined more closely once or twice a week.

Getting Rid of Mud or Hard Stains

If your pin has attracted a stubborn stain from mud, food, drinks, or another material, you must remove it as promptly and gently as possible. The longer it remains on the paint, the more probable it will permanently discolor it. To dislodge it, use a soft cloth, warm water, and gentle circular motions.

Backing Post Replacement for Missing or Damaged Posts

Using super glue or hot glue to keep the pin in place is a quick cure for mending a loose or damaged backing. These temporary repairs can be undone later if you choose a more permanent option, such as soldering for metal backings. Glue is a safe, dependable, and simple way to reinforce a post.

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

Accidents do occur, resulting in a missing backing post, a twisted pin, or gouges in the enamel. Whatever damage your accessory sustains, you can usually repair it to like-new condition. However, there are times when this is insufficient.

When the damage is too severe for a do-it-yourself repair, you should take your pin to a professional. Most jewelry repair shops will have the necessary tools, but you might be lucky and find a business that specializes in pin maintenance and repair. This is something to consider only for objects with monetary or sentimental significance; otherwise, it is usually cheaper to simply get a new pin. Click here for Custom Hard Enamel Silver Plated.

The yellowing of enamel

Many pins contain a thin layer of epoxy or another clear sealer that might yellow with time. In many cases, yellowing on enamel pins is permanent and caused by sun damage from UV rays. However, the color change can also be caused by a thin layer of muck accumulation, which you can remove with warm water and a soft cloth.

Enamel Cracks

Chips or scrapes in the enamel paint are another prevalent issues. When transporting or mailing your pins, always put them in specific bags or wrapping so they don't knock against each other and create this type of damage. Proper storage will be one of the most important components in keeping the fresh look for as long as possible.


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