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How to Make Award Medals for Winners

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custom metal awards medals

Consider receiving an award with no wording, special design, or specifics. It would almost certainly feel like an afterthought. Consider obtaining an award that is highly personalized for you and your accomplishment, with fine enamel, raised features, and a one-of-a-kind form – you will most likely feel honored and appreciated.

Custom award medals can only be considered award-worthy if they are made to highlight personalization and one-of-a-kind characteristics, match your special occasion, and were produced with you, your stakeholders, teammates, athletes, or other honorees in mind. Related product: Metal Awards Medals.

Look for a high-quality on-demand ordering system when you require a straightforward method of producing custom award medals and are contemplating several applications for them. You should continue reading if you require low minimum order quantities (MOQs) in a variety of designs (after all, prizes frequently have exclusivity requirements).

How to Make Personalized Award Medals

If you've ever made personalized award medals for your online store, a team at work, a sports team, members of an organization, or honored leaders, you know you need a straightforward procedure that enables you to alter the medals as you see fit. Here is an example of how this appears when you work with a respectable design and manufacturing partner:

1. Choose your ideal size, usually between 1 and 5 inches.

2. Choose between a one-sided and two-sided medal.

3. Select the MOQs for the number of individuals you'll be honoring.

4. Decide on a look:

• Your medal's details and valleys will be displayed in soft enamel.

• The surface of hard enamel will be flat, smooth, and have a traditional "gleam"

The conventional metal kind that resembles a raised coin is called die struck.

• Any image or piece of artwork you wish to utilize will have photo-rich detail thanks to offset printing.

5. Select the color and finish of your material from options including bright gold, shiny silver, antique gold, and others.

6. Decide how many additional colors you want to see on your medals.

7. You can choose a ribbon width between.75 and 1.5 inches.

8. Select the round or broad loop style and length of ribbon that will work best for you.

9. Pick packaging and engraving options like boxes or poly plastic bags.

10. Upload the picture or artwork you want to be added to your medals.

11. You will be given a sample award medal once it has been created and asked for your approval.

12. Get your delivery. Your award medals should be delivered to you soon for free standard delivery.

It's that simple! You might think about some of the ways you can use or feature bespoke medals now that you know how to make challenge coins or medals. Welcome to contact us.


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