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How to make your medal order

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gold medals

When your event date seems so far away, it can be difficult to figure out how many custom medals you'll need as an event director. However, starting the process as soon as possible will ensure that your amazing custom medals are created, produced, and delivered on time.

You may believe it is best to wait until the big day to get a more accurate registration count, or you may be in the process of confirming sponsors and want to secure additional partners before you begin your order. You may be unaware of the time and effort required to create and ship your custom medal order.

Whatever your reason for delaying, waiting until the last minute to order could cost you—literally and metaphorically. If you wait too long, your medals may not arrive in time for your event, or you may have to pay more to have them delivered. In the worst-case scenario, you risk damaging your event's reputation and blowing your budget.

To avoid this tension and headache, follow the steps outlined below to get the ball moving on your personalized medal order as soon as possible, even if the finances are still being worked out. Click here for High Quality Award Medal Gift Box Honor Medal.

Start The Process

There are multiple stages to “placing” a custom medal order, and you can get the process rolling before knowing how many medals you want, who your sponsors are, and your design.

To get the process started, you should:

Learn about the ordering procedure and timing. Consult with other event directors and experienced custom medal providers, as well as online resources.

Choose the style of personalized medal you want. There are numerous sorts to pick from, each with its own set of characteristics and requirements in terms of design, production, delivery, and pricing.

Begin your design by providing graphic guidance to your medal provider (logos, required design components, fonts, etc.).

Considering these things can help you begin the purchase process and stay on track with your time and budget. These actions may and should be undertaken as quickly as feasible, even if you are unsure of the final number of medals required.

Why are these items significant? Consider the following scenario: You select a custom die-cast medal for your medal type; they are normally manufactured overseas and shipped to you through air or ocean freight. While air freight is faster, ocean freight (which takes 4-6 weeks longer than air) is much less expensive for medium and large purchases (a few hundred to several thousand medals).

Don't Wait

If you wait until you're entirely "ready" and have all of your order data, you can be cutting it too close to:

Use less expensive freight options (you might save a lot of money!).

Get the style of medal you want with all of the design elements you want.

Get your personalized medals in time for your event.

Once you understand how the ordering process works and have decided on the type of personalized medal you want, you can continue to the design phase, which frequently takes longer than you think because there are so many variables to consider.

Again, this phase in the procurement process can be completed without knowing how many medals you'll ultimately require, so get started as soon as possible!

Initial and Add-On Orders

Starting your order early and placing an initial medal order before receiving a final registration count allows you to complete your custom design, have your die or mold manufactured if necessary, and have the majority of your custom medals imported and mailed to you.

If you realize you need extra medals, an add-on order can be completed more quickly than the first order. If rush charges, such as air freight, are required, they will be applied only to the smaller, add-on purchase, not the entire order.

This scenario is common for large-scale events with hundreds or even thousands of participants, such as marathons. Because registrations grow over time, event organizers might estimate an initial medal order to get the ball rolling. Once they know how many medals they need, they can make further purchases to guarantee they have enough for the big day.

Plan for the best, but be ready for the worst.

Yes, if you have enough time for medals to be manufactured and transported before your event date, an add-on order may be a viable choice. Every situation is different. However, more often than not, ordering more than you think you need in your initial order is preferable to waiting until the last minute to order more.

Because you can use the considerably cheaper ocean freight option with your initial medal order, you may save money by ordering a few additional medals in your initial order rather than paying for a tiny add-on order transported via air freight. If you wait too long to buy and your medals arrive after the event, you will have to spend more time and money (up to $4-5 for each medal) to ship them to each participant.

An oversight of this scale can be extremely stressful, leaving participants unsatisfied and failing to satisfy sponsor expectations. The entire operation may end up costing more than if you had simply ordered extra medals from the start.

To sum it all up

To choose the metal type, make a design, and begin the order procedure, you don't need to know the precise amounts in advance.

You can start by placing a small order with the amount you know you'll require, then increase it later.

Order additional items as needed.

By beginning the ordering process early, you can save money.

The personalized medals that are missing from your order on the day of your event are the most expensive.

Start the process as soon as you can, using the advice in this article, to make sure your medals are designed, made, and presented on time.

If you're unclear about where to begin, contact us to get your order started. A knowledgeable seller can:

Assist you in determining the appropriate type of personalized medal for your situation.

Ask the proper questions to help you build a budget and a realistic timeframe quickly and efficiently.

Use their skilled medal designers in-house to bring your design concept or vision to life.

Make designs that go above and beyond your expectations.

Manage your order from start to finish, including critical order data, design, production, shipping, and logistics.

Provide excellent customer service and have mechanisms in place to ensure your transaction is completed correctly, on schedule, and within your budget.


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