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How To Put On A Lapel Pin

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custom lapel pins

The title speaks for itself, so let's start with the "proper" method and then move on to the "whatever goes" way.

1. If you ask the Queen of England how to wear a lapel pin/brooch, she will always tell you to wear it on the left side.

2. If you ask a business person at a business occasion how to wear a lapel pin, they will instruct you to wear it on the right side. The name tag is usually worn on the left side so that it is visible when shaking hands. The right side is naturally left open for a pin.

3. If you ask a fashionista how to wear a lapel pin, they will tell you to wear it on the right side so that it complements your pocket square and adds a wow effect. Forget about symmetry, which is something we all strive for; wearing it on the left side dilutes the impression. Related products: High Quality Enamel Pins No Minimum Lapel Pins.

Based on the foregoing, you might conclude that pin etiquette is important, so keep reading for more tips and methods to ensure you send the proper message.

1. Lapel pins complement your attire; don't be hesitant to add them to your wardrobe, and make sure they match your tie.

2. For males have a buttonhole in their lapel, that is the ideal location because the hole will naturally close and leave no damage once removed.

3. For women, once the suitable side has been chosen, it is typically worn between the shoulder and breast line.

4. Put one or more lapel pins on a hat, backpack, lanyard, coat, jacket, tee shirt, or other casual apparel as a method to represent oneself. Whatever makes you feel at ease.

It probably doesn't matter where you wear your lapel pin in today's world of individualism and uniqueness. Whatever choice you make is appropriate for you, and that is perfectly acceptable.


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