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How to Use a Tie Clip

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Tie Clip Pins

A tie clip is a suit decoration, show formal occasions you can wear a tie clip, then how to use a tie clip, tie clip in which position is appropriate, look at it below.

How to use a Tie Clip

1. When dressed in Western-style clothing, only wear a long-sleeved shirt and avoid wearing a jacket.

2. Do not be in a specific position, that is, from the top to the bottom of the number, in the shirt between the fourth and fifth buttons, and then button up the suit jacket, the tie clip should be generally invisible from the outside. The main purpose of the tie clip in this ornament, according to the provisions of decorative etiquette, is to fix the tie, if a little bit exposed still makes sense, if it is not too close to the top, and even force the shirt collar button, it appears overly flamboyant.

To avoid the human body in walking or other activities, the tie must use a tie clip. Its role is to clamp the tie and shirt together, fixed in front of the chest. The tie swinging back and forth is unattractive. Hosts used to greet guests at the table, especially when they were eating. If the guests clothed their dishes, a tie hanging in the dish would make both sides unhappy, ruining the mood of the banquet.

Which position is best for a tie clip pin clip?

A tie clip is primarily used to secure the tie to the shirt, so it cannot simply be used to clip the tie or to clip it on the collar of the top of the shirt. Use the proper tie clip position, from the top of the shirt down between the fourth and fifth buttons. After buttoning up a suit, it's best not to leave it exposed. If the clip is too far upward or even catches in the chicken heart collar of a wool sweater or suit undershirt collar opening, the result is very rustic. Click here for High Quality Tie Clip Pins.

What is the role of men's tie clip?

Clip the tie to the shirt's lapel so that it appears relatively straight, is not blown up by the wind, and does not hang straight down to the ground when bending over. Maintain your manners and show respect for others. The resurgence of classic vintage style has revived traditional men's accessories. Tie clips were once considered a symbol of old-fashionedness and dullness, and they were long absent from men's chests. The tie clip not only complements a man's taste but also emphasizes the modern man's fashion. So, where does the tie clip fit in, and how does it work?

Tie clips have both formal and fashionable elements. Although tie clips are typically worn with formal attire, the message they convey to people is one of neatness and refreshment rather than flaunting and showing off. Today's men have begun to wear jeweled accessories, making the tie clip look very fashionable. Tie clips, which come in a variety of jewels, materials, and shapes, provide men with more personalized options.

What to Think About When Using a Tie Clip

Pay attention to several factors when using tie clips, such as the style of tie clips used, the occasions for which tie clips are appropriate, and so on.

1. Tie clips have clip and hairpin-type two styles, general clip-type tie clips are more commonly used, and hairpin-type tie clips are mainly suitable for narrow and thin ties.

2. Wear the tie clip to pay attention to the occasion, as the style of the flamboyant tie clip is not suitable to wear to participate in the funeral.

3. The use of tie clips should also be attention to, try to use certain other metal accessories to match the tie clip, such as your watch, jacket buttons, cufflinks, and belt buckle.

4. Tie clips should be used with a better texture, otherwise, it is better not to wear

5. Wear the tie clip should pay attention to the pattern above, some special patterns must be by their own identity to choose carefully.

6. Wearing a good tie clip should not be exposed or slightly exposed, otherwise it will appear too ostentatious.


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