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Is it Possible to Recycle or Reuse Medals?

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3D Gold Silver Bronze Sports Competition Award Medal

No matter how well you prepared for your competition, there is always a chance that you will have extra medals. You could be unsure about how to proceed as you question what to do with these extras. Are they recyclable or reusable?

In general, the response is that medals can be recycled. Nevertheless, it could differ based on the material your medal is made of.

Here are some methods and suggestions for recycling or reusing extra medals.

Consult Your Neighborhood Recycler

Even though some medal sellers will recycle your old medals for you, they won't turn them into brand-new medals. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to recycle into another medal. This is so that new medals of high quality can't be produced using scrap metal.

Contacting a nearby recycler can be the most practical and environmentally responsible choice in this situation. This will save you the expense of mailing your awards to a recycling organization and reduce your carbon footprint as well. Additionally, you may drop off your medals at your neighborhood recycler, and they might even pay you per pound!

As an alternative, some businesses, like Sports Medal Recycling, recycle medals and donate the revenues to good causes.

Repurposing: Give Your Medals a New Lease on Life

Depending on your design, you can use the same medals for your subsequent competition. Perhaps you utilize an engraved plate with the most recent event dates, information, and other crucial details, or you add a new neck ribbon with the updated design.

Recycle or repurpose to help the environment

After their event, most event directors are faced with the question, "What do I do with these leftover medals?" By recycling or repurposing medals, you can feel good about doing your part to protect the environment and reduce waste. Do you still have questions about recycling or reusing your medals? Contact us and we'll assist you in determining the best course of action.


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