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Let you know about metal medals

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Metal Enamel Badge Pin

Metal medals are well-made and can be classified as medals or medal plates based on their shape. Aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver, and other materials are common metal materials, as are stone, wood, resin, organic, and a mix of various.

Metal medals created to order are made from the following materials:

1. Innovation in craftsmanship: The medal's creation employs innovative and accurate manufacturing equipment and processes, resulting in a medal that demonstrates its original medal value orientation in terms of high grade and originality.

2. Design breakthrough: Exquisite design and craftsmanship enhance the medal's sense of value.

The process of custom-made metal medals:

In the medal-making industry, what kind of production technology and production process is used to make the medal will make the medal show its original value orientation in terms of high grade and uniqueness. Then, the electroplating process is divided into many kinds. Here is Metal Enamel Badge Pin.

1. Electroplating process - chrome plating

A type of silver-white metal with a microstrip of sky blue is chromium. The chromium layer provides excellent heat resistance, good wear resistance, high hardness, and good wear resistance. Below 500°C, there is no discernible change in luster or hardness; At 500°C, oxidative discoloration starts;

If the temperature is higher than 700°C, it begins to soften. Due to the chrome layer's high performance, it is frequently employed as a protective, outer layer made to order and practical coating of the medal decoration coating system.

2. Electroplating process - copper plating

Copper is easy to be oxidized, and the oxidized verdigris is no longer conductive; copper plating is easy to lose its luster in the air, and acts with carbon dioxide or chloride to form a layer of basic copper carbonate or copper chloride on the surface. Under the action of sulfide, it will produce brown or black copper sulfide, therefore, as a decorative copper coating, an organic coating is required on the surface.

The price of custom-made metal medals:

Material is very important in the production of metal medals. One penny for one product has always been the value law of any industry and any commodity. It is now difficult to obtain high-end products at very low prices.

1. The details of metal medal production are perfect

In the daily production of high-end medals, there will be many details to be carefully perfected. In addition to the main aspects of customizing the medals, it is necessary to pay more attention to local details.

For example, what style of medal wooden holder and what kind of medal backboard should be used to match it should not be taken lightly.

2. Exquisite packaging of metal medals

High-end medals are packaged similarly to how we wear and dress. The color scheme is liberal and decent, paying attention to the beauty of nature. High-end medals are chosen with matching in mind when choosing their exterior packaging.

Using standard paper boxes or fine hardwood brocade boxes is nice. Depending on the status and authority of the recipients of the personalized awards will determine how to box them.



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