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Military Lapel Pins: 5 Things You Should Know

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Military Badge with Safty Pin

The United States Armed Forces are an important component of American society and history. In history class, we learn about important military victories and defeats. We observe Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. It has also become a custom to recognize veterans at random crowded occasions such as sporting events. We've also started wearing gorgeous military lapel buttons to show our appreciation for the sacrifice and service.

Whatever image you have in mind when you think of military lapel pins, if you've ever considered or are considering wearing one at any point in your life, it's important to recognize their significance, know how to use them properly, and perhaps learn a few fun facts about them to make you that much more proud to be an American. So, let's go over five facts concerning military lapel pins in the United States!

There Are Correct (and Incorrect) Ways to Wear Military Lapel Pins

Although most people are unaware of it, there is a suitable way to wear military pins. Even if it's only a simple American flag, there are correct and incorrect ways to display it. So, before you go piercing that patriotic pin through your shirt, think about what you're doing.

Interestingly, the United States Flag Code is extremely strict about pin-wearing, and you should examine the code if you want to avoid the consequences of bad pin etiquette. According to the code, an American flag pin should be worn on the left lapel—or, if you don't have a lapel, across your left breast—so that it lies right above the heart. Veterans and honorably discharged members of the United States Armed Forces are urged to wear their military lapel pins over civilian clothing on important events such as Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, and Veterans Day, as they do with all other pins.

Military pins began as a logistical advantage

Many army units were so vast during the Civil War that troops from different groups were frequently mixed up, lost, or unable to recognize their fellow unit buddies. Lapel pins came into play in this situation. The pins were produced with each soldier's unit number on them, making it more difficult for soldiers to get lost when walking across enormous areas with hundreds of other men.

We had no idea the other, more enduring effect this would have on the United States Armed Forces and the American people: camaraderie. Military pins have grown into a method for Americans, fellow soldiers, and veterans to express their collective admiration for the sacrifices made every day.

Each Branch Has Its Logo

Don't settle for an "off-brand" pin while looking for or making unique ones to express your pride. Take your time and think about your pin carefully. For example, each branch of the United States Armed Forces has its official logo, therefore there is a "on-brand" method to design your pin. It could be a good idea to seek images of each branch's logo, but for the time being, here are some descriptions to get you started:

Army: A white star with a yellow outline and black accents

Air Force: Dubbed the “Arnold”; wings and a star

Marine Corps: The famous Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

Navy: An Eagle spreading its wings

Coast Guard: Two anchors crossed over each other with a life ring and shield on top of it

Military Lapel Pins Are Now Used to Mark Status

Although lapel pins for the military were first used for logistical purposes during the Civil War, they are no longer issued to simply anyone. While famous and infamous pins can be purchased, the actual deal is awarded to members of the military who have accomplished outstanding achievements, were killed in action, or are promoted up the ranks. The Purple Heart and Bronze Star awards, the Air Force's Prop and Wings, and the Navy SEAL's Trident are all well-known examples.

Military Lapel Pins Are More Common Than You Think

While there are some well-known examples, such as the ones mentioned above, there are surely many other types of pins that you've probably never heard of. For example, the United States Army has pins for five different special skill groups, with two to 10 pins in each category—and they have pins for three more! Aeronautical, Aircrew, Operations, Logistics, Support, and other categories are all represented by pins in the Air Force. Don't underestimate the number of pin options available! If you want to understand more about all of the pins in each branch of the military, see this post.

So, you're finally ready to make a decision! What kind of pin are you going to get? Who do you know who is deserving of one of these pins? Go forth and make your military lapel pins, but keep the genuine spirit of the procedure in mind.


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