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Olympic Caliber Neck Ribbons can be used to enhance your custom medals

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Sport Double Side Medal with Ribbon

Do you want to raise awareness of your event and attract more sponsors and participants? One of the greatest ways to achieve that goal is with a beautifully designed personalized medal and an equally amazing neck ribbon!

Let's go through a few easy, yet helpful, tips for ensuring your event participants receive "Olympic Caliber" bespoke neck ribbons. Click here for Sport Double Side Medal with Ribbon.

What Exactly Does "Olympic Caliber" Mean?

Simply said, because Olympians are regarded as the finest of the best, every facet of the recognition they receive for their accomplishments reflects this high caliber. Fortunately, you don't have to stage an Olympic-status event to receive a medal or ribbon design that is equally beautiful and high-quality. Your neck ribbon design can enhance and advance your award by paying close attention to a few key elements.

One important thing to keep in mind is that, like your medal, your bespoke ribbon should be exclusive to your particular event; only participants in your event will be able to get an award ribbon (or medal) as spectacular as this one. Keeping your community of participants interested and drawing in new attendees and sponsors are both benefits of establishing an air of exclusivity and grandeur surrounding your event.

To be labeled "Olympic Caliber," your neck ribbons must be attractively crafted with colors that stand out while still making sense and complementing the medal. You should also make certain that the materials and processes used (for designing and printing on the ribbon) are of excellent quality. We'll recommend Custom Sublimated Ribbon nine times out of ten for the cleanest, most professional look (and a very soft, non-scratchy feel!).

Dye-sublimated ribbons enable the printing of exceedingly complex and vivid information on a ribbon (for example, elaborate and/or colorful logos and highly detailed text). You may even go a step further with your neck ribbon design by including the theme of your event (nautical, Halloween, pirates, etc.) in the design of your ribbon.

One of the most significant advantages of combining an excellent custom medal design with an equally awesome neck ribbon is that your event will stand out from the crowd. Participants will be completely blown away when they earn such a prized achievement award. Consider this: you don't want to be the only event in your neighborhood or sector that gives out an excellent bespoke medal suspended from a basic and fragile neck ribbon, do you? When you combine a vibrant and unique ribbon with an exceptional personalized medal, your award and event stand out. These nuances may appear minor or trivial, yet they all work together to increase the visibility and recognition of your event.

Because of the higher perceived value and quality of your custom ribbons, unique, bespoke neck ribbons will also offer a feeling of professionalism that improves your event. By paying special care to the neck ribbon of your award, it will become a prized collectible for the participants. They'll be overjoyed to proudly display their award and help pique the curiosity of new participants.

The good news is that the process can be simple if you're trying to create a one-of-a-kind, premium neck ribbon for the first time. Our professionals can make it simple by walking you through the process, please contact us.

Choosing unique ribbons opens up new marketing and promotional possibilities. Utilize this extra space with a remarkable design to assist give your event a more "Olympic Caliber" appearance and feel.


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